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Aging group and healthcare costs - Research Paper Example

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It is undeniable that healthcare costs increases with the increase in the number of aging population within a given society.This is a true conclusion bearing in mind the fact that at old age, individuals become weak and their immune system depreciates…
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Aging group and healthcare costs
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Download file to see previous pages It is undeniable that healthcare costs increases with the increase in the number of aging population within a given society. This is a true conclusion bearing in mind the fact that at old age, individuals become weak and their immune system depreciates thereby exposing them to the risks of catching diseases. Maintaining the contemporary facts, this paper will carry intensive research on the relationships between ageing health care costs and three sociological theories. The three sociological theories to be covered shall involve factionalism, conflict and interactionism. The paper will also spell the similarities and differences between the three sociological theories in reference to the ageing health care costs. The paper will also investigate effects of the three theories on the views of individuals in the health care. Furthermore, this paper will dig deep into effects of the theories on attempted social changes in the health care institutions. In addition, this paper will examine the effects of the theories on the societal views concerning the ageing health care costs. Lastly, the paper will mark the end of the research with an elaborative conclusion. Introduction It is without doubt that health care costs for aged groups surpass that of other age groups. This fact owes to fall in the immune system among the ageing population. As a result, aged population encounters intermittent disease infections, which calls for periodical health checkups (Gray, 2005). This trend leads to automatic rise in demand for health care thereby leading to skyrocketing of costs of medical services. Rise in the costs of health care has steamed debates and emotions among the members of the societies. Longitudinal to the debates and emotions, sociological theories of functionalism, conflict and interactionism have seemed to dominate explanation of various feelings among the societies concerning the rise in the costs of health care among the ageing population. Sociological theory of functionalism holds that sustainability of social life is by collective agreements over each individual’s functions among the members of a common society and the effective use of social institutions to better the living standards (Isajiw, 2003). Society requires health care facilities to improve the living standards of individuals. The theory of functionalism explains how the members of the societies come together to ensure enhanced health care services to all members of the society. The theory of functionalism also explains why certain members of the society decided to venture into the health care sector. Functionalism in the health care sector centers on the health care practitioners who are in charge of offering medical services to the patients and consumer in general. To some extent, the theory of functionalism also encompass the insurance companies which play vital role in insuring health of individuals as well as paying for medical bill of patients. The theory of functionalism applies to the relationship between the middle age group, the young age groups and the aged groups in the society. In a normal society, the young age groups have their functions and duties that are vital part of day-to-day existence of societies (Isajiw, 2003). The middle age groups play the most important roles in the reproduction of society, provision of labor and exploitation of resources for the benefit of the society (EGA, 2004). The aged groups of the society in most cases tend to be unproductive members cared by the young and the middle age groups (Baker, 2011). The aged group can therefore not survive in the society in the absence of the young and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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