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Disabilities Concept in the Movie: Forest Gump - Essay Example

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Disabilities Concept in the Movie: Forest Gump The movie Forrest Gump is very close to a complete visual depiction of most of the topics covered in the lecture. The movie revolves around a person who had physical disability and is not as sharp as most of the people his age…
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Disabilities Concept in the Movie: Forest Gump
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Download file to see previous pages This will be related to the discrimination in employment later on in this paper and the nature of men to have strong physical features. In the beginning of the movie we see Forrest and the visible characteristics of his disability. He has to wear his leg braces because of his weak joints. We see his encounters with the society that reflect society’s notion of a healthy and sound body. In one scene his leg braces get stuck by the pavement and the senior members of the society around him stare at him as his mother helps him get his foot free. In another scene, kids of his age throw rocks at him because he looks physically odd. This strongly suggests that society has made up its mind about an ideal body. Initially Forrest is denied admission in a school because his IQ is 75 and according to school policy only children of IQ above 80 can be given admission. The principle even suggests sending him to a school for special children. This scene makes it clear that society has drawn a line between normal and mentally challenged people. Lieutenant Dan Taylor was living a very honorable and respectable life until he lost his legs in an army operation. After Forrest saves his life, he loathes him for doing that because he knows what kind of troubles he will be facing as a disabled person. Before even making an effort to regain his honor, our character loses hope and indulges in alcohol and women. He starts living in wretched conditions with no job. He is bound to a wheelchair and to suffer the discrimination in employment. Society looks down upon him as an unproductive member of society. What society does not realize is that he became unproductive while serving his country in what was then meant by the productive way. Dan being an army man is of the view that men should have strong and robust bodies to face the challenges of life and to dominate others when there is competition. He prefers to die than live a life without his limbs. Later in the movie Forrest mentions that Dan told him that since he has no limbs, he does arm exercises to make them stronger. Forrest is awarded with the Medal of Honor while Dan is discharged from the hospital immediately after the treatment. This is one the first set backs that he receives from the society as a disabled war veteran. The interesting point here is that Forrest as a kid with an IQ of 75 grows up and spends a very eventful and successful life. He makes it to the college football team as the fastest runner. Later he is praised in the army and after that he even owns a shrimp company. He is accepted everywhere and this tells us that our society does demands obedience from us and nothing else. We can even draw a comparison between the two characters mentioned here. Forrest Gump overcomes his weakness and disability while Lieutenant Dan Taylor initially succumbs to it. Forest makes his mark on society but on the other hand Dan becomes indifferent to it. Initially Dan hates Forrest for being like him and at the same time being very different from him. Ultimately it is Dan who is inspired by Forrest to regain his lost strength. So this comparison helps us analyze how these two different characters react to the way society treats them. Society does not give us any answers but it only questions us. People can only expect to find the answers within themselves. Our culture and history has shaped our style of thought. Most of us perceive things the way society wants us to perceive. Deep down all humans are the same but it is our collective style of thought ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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