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The paper presents sociology which is essentially defined as the study of the social world and the way we interact with people on a daily basis, which forms an integral part of our existence. It is considered to be “the scientific study of human group behavior"…
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The Scientific Study of Human Group Behavior
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Extract of sample "The Scientific of Human Group Behavior"

Systematic methods of empirical observation/data and critical analysis are used to develop a body of knowledge about human social activity, in order to apply this knowledge for the study of social processes and human behavior. Sociology is non-ethical because it deals with the study of events as they are, and not what they should be. The scientist has no technique by which he can determine what the ultimate values of a society should be. The knowledge attained by him is instrumental. Fundamental assumptions are involved in all the investigations of knowledge, which are accepted without testing. The assumptions or presuppositions of science are given in the following:
1. There is an objective world quite different from the subject world.
2. The truth of the object world can be explored by an unbiased investigation by man and by employing what is known as the “scientific method. Mechanics of Sociology:
A) Scientific Rationality Scientific Rationality is identified in Sociology and science addresses the modern world, comprehends through logical thought and reasoning, creates suppositions, and verifies them through means of experimentation and the scientific method.
B) Explanation of the Object World To explain the phenomena of the world is one of the aims of Sociology. Principles, laws theories and facts are themselves an explanation of the phenomena of the world. All the principles, law and theories are not only hypotheses but higher degrees of maturity.
C) Prediction It is scientific and is subject to experimentation. Similarly, in the case of social sciences, prediction can be made in a large number of events. If a child loses his parents at an early age, there is a possibility of delinquency for him (under certain conditions). As from common sense, it can be predicted that if parents fail in providing food and protection to the child, it is certain that he may die. Similarly, if they deprive the same child of their affection and love, it is definite that the child may be emotionally disturbed by which he will be frustrated and frustration can lead to aggression. Aggression is a crime and the child then becomes a criminal in his life. He will turn out to be a delinquent.

Therefore, Sociology fulfills the following conditions of Science: 1. Sociology itself is knowledge. 2. Sociology employs most of the scientific methods in its investigation of social conditions. 3. Sociological knowledge has to some extent, achieved organizations in its existing store of knowledge, which we find today in the form of principles, laws, theories, concepts, and facts (Rutherford, Ahlgren, 1991).

Why is it important to study Sociology?
It is important to study Sociology because it inculcates a lifetime worth of change in a person. Not only do humans learn to appreciate diversity, but it also educates them about behavior, social norms, values, culture, and traditions. We learn the dynamics of human behavior. Furthermore, Sociology helps us to have a subjective and objective view of the external world. It pays special heed to how the different parts of society form a social structure and the causes and consequences of social change. Lastly, sociology provides us with tools and methods to better understand the world. When we understand the way the world works, we are better able to take steps for social action, which will help us to achieve an egalitarian society. Read More
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