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Families in poverty facing social exclusion and domestic violence - Research Paper Example

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Poverty: Cause for Social Exclusion and Domestic Violence and number  Date submitted Poverty: Cause for Social Exclusion and Domestic Violence Poverty is a state of deprivation that a large number of people around the world have been facing for a long time…
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Families in poverty facing social exclusion and domestic violence
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Download file to see previous pages Most families that belong to a poverty stricken household are not able to rise out of the issue with ease. This is because poverty carries on from generation to generation and since poor people are not able to easily afford education, their children grow up with no knowledge of how to make their lives better and thus have to carry on the legacy that their parents have provided them with, which they further provide to their children, subsequently. (Shah, A) Poor people also face a vast amount of social problems, the biggest being rejection on behalf of society. Most of the people that belong to well off families and are able to afford their lifestyles, shun poor people and make their lives worse than what they were living. (Giddens, A) There are very few people that are philanthropic enough to help such people out and bring them out of their misery. On the other hand, there are other people that refuse to help such a miserable situation, and in turn create more problems for the poorer sections of society. “In the 1990s, the debate has shifted; as millions have become poorer, unemployment has remained stubbornly high, crime rates have risen, and all kinds of other problems like homelessness, single parenthood, drugs, truancy, substance abuse, suicide have multiplied, the focus has moved on to individual pathology. In the USA, the poor have become a target for remoralization through coercion.” (Jordan, Bill) Thesis Statement: Two such problems, that poverty stricken people have been facing for a long time; have been discussed within the scope of this paper. They are social exclusion and domestic violence. These are two issues that are rampant within the poorer sections of society due to various reasons which have been talked about further. Social exclusion is a concept according to which there are many sections of society that are not accepted by the majority of an area or place. They have been therefore, socially excluded and are not given as many privileges or rights as other people living within that same society. Most of the time, the poorer sections of society are the ones that are treated as outcasts because of their inability to have material wealth. They are blocked from enjoying certain opportunities and resources which are otherwise available to all other people residing within that same society. The biggest cause that has been recognised for social exclusion is unemployment, by the European Union, which is a result mostly of poverty. In most modern societies, in order to be able to earn a certain amount of income on a stable basis helps people to increase their feeling of self worth and also be able to provide for themselves and their families. However, poor people are not able to do so and thus form a part of both the socially excluded as well as unemployed aspects of a society. In many countries around the world, such a disparity can be noticed easily. In countries that are developing at a fast pace, like India and China, social exclusion is widespread and out of control, all because of poverty mapping the root cause of the problem. In such countries, the line that separates the rich from the poor is quite prominent within society and thus it is very easy for people to stay away from each other on the basis of their wealth ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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