The gabs between two groups that have divergent values - Essay Example

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The paper tells that the gaps between different groups also show clashes when looking at specific values. The divergent values that are among groups leads to belief systems and actions that also may result in two differing concepts taking place in a community…
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The gabs between two groups that have divergent values
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The gaps between different groups also show clashes when looking at specific values. The divergent values that are among groups leads to belief systems and actions that also may result in two differing concepts taking place in a community. An example of two groups which have divergent values are based on 20 – something groups and the generation of 60 + year olds that are in the same work space. These two demographic groups may live in the same regions and have similar job relationships; however, the values and the expectations between both groups are considered as one which is based on several defined differences between the sets of individuals. The values in the work groups differ by what both believe is expected in a given environment as well as what the personal and environmental associations are in relation to the work space. According to a recent study (Aldy, Viscusi, p. 241), there are several defined values which are created between age groups. In the study, there was a monitoring of values in the work space. This consisted of the expectations for working, relationship to the work and the responses and beliefs in ethics that were held in the work space. The study indicated that older generations held a specific value to work based on upholding specific standards despite wages or risks. The younger generations were noted to have a value to work that was based first on wages then which followed with ethics. The relationship was one which devalued the work and which noted that the functions within work spaces didn’t offer a fruitful relationship or desire to work with most of the younger generation (Aldy, Viscusi, p. 241). The legitimacy of this study is one which can be seen in personal relationships to work environments and the attributes which most have to the area. When examining the older generations with work, there is a specific pace that is noted, as well as detail oriented attributes to the job. If speaking to someone of an older generation, the responses are often based on making a boss happy or trying to find the right reactions from the management. There is also a direct relationship with the age in terms of retirement, specifically with most hoping to continue to work effectively so the retirement works in the favor of those in the corporation. The difference with the younger generations and the value to work is based on working to make enough money to care for basic needs. The tasks are often done at a faster pace as well and the orientation to the job is at a different consistency. This is noted with smaller differences, such as most of the younger generation leaving the work field at an earlier time frame than those of the older generation. The difference in efficiency and work ethic is not only based on the generalized expectations and relationship to the job. The difference in values is also based on differences in what is taught as well as what is used within the job. Most are required to use computers and other types of technology in the work space. The older groups are not as familiar with these tools, which may hinder the work. However, younger generations have developed an understanding of the tools with daily use and with basic courses used to learn how to use technology. The generation gap is then not only widened by the values but also by the training, knowledge and tools which each group has and is required to adapt to within the work area. Even though most in the older generations state that there has been adaptability to the tools, there are also statements that the tools are newer and weren’t used in the past. This may change the values and work ethic which most follow because of the evolution and change of tools which have been used. The gap between values with the older and younger generations is one which is further defined by the external environment and how this influences the work habits and values. It has been noticed from personal observations that the older generation has value in going home later, spending the evening at home and getting ready for work the next day. However, when speaking with individuals of a younger generation, there are attributes which are linked directly to staying out later, being with friends and valuing the time off work as well as while being in a work related environment. These differences are not only defined by age but are consistent with the values that are often defined between the two groups and the lifestyles which each have. The concepts which are linked to divergent values of various groups are one which is defined by the expectations, belief systems and ideologies which each group has. The values that are linked between older and younger generations show gaps that oppose each other, specifically in the work place. It can be noted that the value of how to work and what should be focused on carries a different priority for each group. However, this is not only related to the main belief system but is directly influenced by the work environment. The use of technology and new tools as well as the changes which occur in lifestyle create a difference in how many respond to the work environment while associating with specific values which are there. Works Cited Aldy, Joseph, Kip Viscusi. “Age Differences in the Value of Statistical Life: Revealed Preference Evidence.” Review of Environmental Economic Policy 1 (2), 2007. Read More
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