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The Effect of Three Sociological Theories - Essay Example

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From the paper  "The Effect of Three Sociological Theories " it is clear that interactionism in health care has an influential impact on society as two people dealing fluidly with each other in professional life may become acquaintances in personal life…
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The Effect of Three Sociological Theories
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Extract of sample "The Effect of Three Sociological Theories"

Download file to see previous pages This theory applies to explain the conflict between the two classes. Although they work together there is always a conflict between the owner of resources and the who is striving to own them. Interactionism focuses on the prejudiced features of societal life, rather than an intentional one of social systems. One reason for this focus is that interactionism bases its exploratory viewpoint on their image of humans, rather than on its reflection of the community. According to interactionism, human beings basically are practical and realistic actors who consistently adjust their behavioral patterns according to the attitudes and behaviors of others in order to allow the usual transactions of their life run fluidly. Functionalism in the health care industry basically interprets the role which a sick person plays in society. It observes how the sick is being looked after by society. It considers that the sick person plays a significant role in strengthening the social system as society tends to take care of the sick through a different social industry. Functionalism in health care is basically the reflection of the position which an individual has in the society and how society reacts to such sickness and the sick person himself. It also reflects the process via which health care industry recruit and hire educated personal and continue to work efficiently and the ability of this industry to grow and maintain its growth and its contribution in the strengthening of the social system of the community. Conflict on the other studies the disagreements within different groups and teams that are working in the health care industry. It majorly studies the arising of conflict s and the reasons behind them. These conflicts may be between doctors and nurses, nurses... nurses and nurses or maybe other employees. Interactionism, on the other hand, studies how doctors, patients and nurses manipulate their behavior according to the circumstances while dealing with each other. The impact of these theories on a health care industry is a way too different from each other and they do not have any similarities. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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