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Empowering Women in Developing Countries" Abstract Women account for almost fifty percent of the global population, they are the one who bear all the pain to bring the child to the world irrespective of the fact whether the child is male or female, genetically speaking they are impartial in contributing the child's genome, it is not the women who discriminate between males and females, but still they are highly underprivileged as far as global growth is concerned…
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Empowering Women in Developing Countries
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Download file to see previous pages Introduction Women take up all the responsibilities of the family and still they are methodically deprived of the possessions, sources and resources, information and liberty to act independently. Studies indicate that major poor population, as well as major percentage of illiterates present in the world encompasses women. It is women who takes the back seat, right from the childhood where she is deprived of school education and to sacrifice everything to meet the family requirements. Health and well-being of women in developing nations HIV is becoming more prevalent in women as compared to men. It is estimated that in southern African nations, almost 75% of the AIDS victims are women. In the present scenario when there is a hike in food prices, there is an enormous influence on the health of women because of starvation in order to feed the little available meals to her children. Thus, women are facing severe malnutrition and hence they are deciding the fate of their wards too (Empowering Women as Key Change Agents). Research studies conducted across the world support the fact that when appropriate opportunities are being provided to women, it benefits the society. A concern is more in a healthy manner, they will be able to nurture and groom their kids, they will be contributing in earning for the families and this enhances the family income. Thus, making the communities more resilient and buoyant (Empowering Women as Key Change Agents). Empowering women will resolve the issue of starvation and deprivation as well as it will enable the family in improving the financial condition. Empowering women will help the women to develop their capacities (Empowering Women as Key Change Agents). Participation in Economic matters Programs such as Microfinance enable women to be connected with revenue producing tasks to enhance their profits and then to endow in the development of family and hence a great contribution towards the improvement of society (Empowering Women as Key Change Agents). Under the Hunger Project, 78,000 women were empowered in India, where state-wide confederations have been formulated and their viewpoint is attended by authorities and government officials. In Bangladesh, National Girl Child Day is celebrated every September to exterminate discernment against girl child prevailing in the country (Empowering Women as Key Change Agents). Survey manifests that almost in every nation women work more than men, and for longer duration but they are under paid and hence they are forced to live in scarcity and shortage of resources. Economic opportunity Survey also postulate that women devote more time in household activities and for the maintenance of the family and children. In most of the developing nations women living in rural areas are forced to carry water and accumulate wood for fuel. In these nations the condition of women is more miserable as they have to participate in more labour-intensive jobs such as in agriculture, crop production, plucking and selling of green grocery, taking care of cattle, in construction of buildings. It is highly laborious and as per the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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