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Helping People: From the Individual to the Organization - Research Paper Example

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Helping People: From the Individual to the Organization Introduction In the world of today, each one of us is so busy in our lives that we hardly ever get the time to sit back and evaluate the proceedings of the day gone by. We never make an effort to find out if we have pleased someone or made someone’s life easier or if we have caused trouble for someone…
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Helping People: From the Individual to the Organization
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Download file to see previous pages We should help ourselves most importantly. But the question arises that how can one help himself? Research has proven that people who help themselves by invoking positivity in their attitude and general outlook to life and usually more successful. One can help himself by making wise, thoughtful decisions instead of making spontaneous, emotion-driven ones. This will help instill positivity in actions and as actions speak louder than words, there would be positivity everywhere. One can help others physically, by removing obstacles from the road, helping the underprivileged by ensuring shelter and food for them, reading out news to the old and helping them with their chores. These things may seem meek and too little but if each one of us starts doing these the world will be a much better place soon. What Gladwell believes… Gladwell’s book “The Outliers” is a master piece. It tells how the extra ordinary distinguish themselves from the ordinary. We all want to excel in life but too few of us struggle for excellence. We want our path to excellence to be an easy one; very few of us want to burn midnight fuel to prosper. We assume God will keep sending us large bags of goodies no matter what hence eliminating the fervor to struggle. However, those who want to make it big someday would always go beyond the traditional limits. They would surpass their standards for standards that are much higher. The most beautiful of Gladwell’s concept is that of helping others. He does not consider those people extraordinary who reach excellence by pulling other people’s legs. In fact, he believes such excellence is short lived. True excellence can be obtained when a person helps himself by working harder than ever. He should be willing to give up the pleasures of life and live a life which is much harder but eventually, more paying. Gladwell believes that a truly extra ordinary person would always take the flock with him. He would never fly alone but would help all those around him to prosper too. He would see his success as a combined success of all those working with him. He will always appreciate and acknowledge other people and accept their share in his success. Nobody would have gone to the moon or nobody would have cured all the different diseases that existed had people been working alone. It is always the group effort that pays off. Hence Gladwell promotes the message of helping oneself and those around one to succeed. Ellerman Contradicts Gladwell Ellerman (2006), however seems to disapprove of Gladwell’s point of view. He takes the debate in the political and financial regime and says that he believes that the World Bank has not supported the under developed nations by giving them heaps of aid but has crumpled their own ability to earn that money. He believes that helping someone further deteriorates that person’s capability to struggle for it. Of course, a meal in the plate is easier to eat than the meal that’s left for one to cook and eat. Ellerman (2006) is of the opinion that the many development assistance agencies that exist are just cutting down on the capacity of people to help themselves. Contradicting Gladwell , who believes that helping the society is the best of all virtues to succeed, Ellerman (2006) proposes that there should be a sudden, drastic reduction in development assistance for the nations to prosper on their own. Once a beggar, always a beggar is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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