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Community Counterterrorism Initiative - Term Paper Example

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Terror campaign has turned out to be a familiar problem in the civilization. In general, countries like United States have practised violent deeds that have led into immense demolition of material goods and living…
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Community Counterterrorism Initiative
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Extract of sample "Community Counterterrorism Initiative"

Download file to see previous pages The terrorist attack on September 11 has caused enormous devastation to the society. Nevertheless, the administration had taken serious actions to avert such terror campaign performances but it did not handle to put off the terrorist assault. The management did not have retort systems to aware people of the assault. This was quite difficult for the society to avert the attack. The attack of September 11 strained the government to build up ways to put off terrorism actions like cultural profiling and enrichment of safety measures. Communities have opted to oppose terrorism initiatives to avoid the coming terrorism attacks. The community counter terrorism proposal focussed in avoiding any terrorist assault in the society. Terrorist proceedings have become very familiar in the public like bombing. Terrorists have regularly bombed many constructions leading to deaths. The counter terrorism plan will assist to stop the bombing of many buildings in the district. The programme stated the methods to be used to oppose the terrorist harassment. (Staub, 2000; Pope & Gutheil, 2008).

Potential impacts of terrorists attacks:
The attacks of terrorism have unfavourable effects on humanity and on the nation itself. Such attacks lead to have psychological, behavioural, and neurobiological shock to the civilization. Moreover, such terrorist attacks root to have cognitive effects on the community. It also influenced elderly and disabled people. Vivid research has been done to establish the shock of terrorism on kids, aged people and other people in the community. Researchers disagreed that terrorism like other tragedies has caused gloominess among the victims and their families. The sufferers suffer out of huge losses as a result it becomes very difficult for them to come out of the loss and pain and to live again a normal healthy livelihood. (American psychological association., 2007; American Psychological Association, 2008). Moreover, terrorism incited terror and ambiguity among the people in the community. The fright spread from one individual to the other in the community. The mental effects of such terror campaigns were felt by each individual in the community. Some people were directly affected while others were affected indirectly. Terrorism actions caused death which affected the victims and their related family members. (Society for Military Psychology; 2007). After an attack, the emotional agony was more extensive than any bodily injuries. The shock of a terrorist attack is so severe on their mental state that it becomes nearly impossible to cope up with the situation. The reaction to huge losses all a time, within a fraction of second has severe impacts on the poor people who suffer such deadly attacks. Such mental shock can remain for a smaller period of time or it might extend to years to revive out of such disorder. (Behnke, 2006; Behnke, 2007) Short term psychosomatic effects stay for a short span of time like any kind of fear. This occurs instantly after the terrorist attack. (Behnke, 2006; Behnke, 2007) Long term mental effects can consist of gloominess owing to all kinds of losses due to terrorism. Furthermore, such effects have deep impact on kids. Most of the kids and aged people undergo such fear after a terrorist campaign. (Staub, 2000). There are also behavioural impacts on the members of the community. People who are out to such terrorism actions exhibit different behaviours (Staub, 2000). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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