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This paper “Social Effects of Aviation” seeks to answer some questions associated with the growth of aviation over the decades. What are the social effects of aviation? How does culture affect the aviation industry? What is the evolutional trend in the societal perception of air travel?…
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Social Effects of Aviation
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Download file to see previous pages Indeed, air travel has impacted socially on humanity, changing not only the human relationship but also human culture. Like the interstate highways that reduce continents to global cities, air travel has likewise shrunk the world to a global city. For instance, with the advent of air travel, the connectedness between people increases considerably. Air travel makes it possible for people to connect easily with far away from family members and friends. The business arena was also affected positively as business partners across continents can meet face-to-face to carry out business deals within days. Related to this connectedness between people is the improvement in communication. By the late 1930s, the airlines carried mail from coast to coast thereby improving the speed of communication and the connectedness between friends, family members and business partners (Hudson, 1972). Indeed, with the advent of air travel, people became global citizens and can enjoy the excitements and cultures of societies other than theirs. Indeed, people can travel to far away resort centers for holidays. Air traveled to the growth of the tourist industry.
Also affected are the entertainment industry and arts. The enthrallment and allurement of air travel have been reflected in the literature. Many pilots have written about their careers. For instance, War World 1 hero, Eddie Rickenbacker wrote about their exploit during World War 1 (Rickenbacker, 2001). Many children books feature famous military pilots as well as civilian pilots, and later astronauts. Related to literature are arts dealing with aviation. For instance, the Renaissance humanist, Leonardo da Vinci illustrated his notebooks with sketches of flying machines. With military aviation, accomplished artists were commissioned to design posters in order to recruit pilots. Aviation artists also created paintings of flying planes that are hung in art galleries, and on walls of museums as murals. Hundreds of movies and television shows have been influenced by aviation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Social Effects of Aviation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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