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The relationship between global governance and the harmonization of international standards - Essay Example

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The term “global governance” was in the focus of extensive scientific debate mainly due to Willy Brandt’s and his colleagues’ from the UN Commission on Global Governance activities;this Commission was created to find solutions of global problems facing humanity nowadays: environmental pollution, poverty, infectious diseases etc…
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The relationship between global governance and the harmonization of international standards
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Extract of sample "The relationship between global governance and the harmonization of international standards"

Download file to see previous pages The term “global governance” was in the focus of extensive scientific debate mainly due to Willy Brandt’s and his colleagues’ from the UN Commission on Global Governance activities;this Commission was created to find solutions of global problems facing humanity nowadays: environmental pollution, poverty, infectious diseases etc. In 1995, the Commission presented its report, entitled “Our Global Neighborhood” (Kelly, 2005). The report was a justification of global governance importance, it pointed to the fact that its development is a part of the evolution of people’s efforts aimed at organizing their life on the planet rationally, and this process will continue forever. The necessity of building global governance in the world is based on the argument that humanity, after the era of global wars and global conflicts, will be provided with a unique opportunity to accept a "global civic ethics", which should be based on a set of fundamental values that can unite people of all cultural, political, religious and philosophical views. It is also noted that the governance should be based on democratic principles and implemented in accordance with established rules of law binding all without exception. Divisiveness and the ambiguity of the processes occurring in the world motivated a great many of scientists to create different futurological theories on global governance. However, in reality, none can argue that global governance in the new form is inevitable. At the moment there are only real prerequisites to its creation. There are several definitions of the term "global governance ". Before its appearance there was another term - "global government". The difference between these two concepts was analyzed in detail by J. Rosenau. The fact is that the English term “government” and “governance” represent the systems of governance, regulatory mechanisms, through which the power, aimed at preserving the unity of a particular political system and the goals’ implementation, is exercised. The difference is that government is commonly attributed to certain structures, while governance implies certain social functions and processes. To govern means to exercise power. And to have power means to have recognition from those on whom this power is distributed. This implies another difference. Governments have the power based on certain constitutional provisions, decrees, orders and other official documents (Rosenau, 1999). As for governance, the power is associated with processes that have arisen in the run of repeated practice, imperious by nature, but at the same time it is not necessarily constitutionally formalized. This is the main advantage of governance systems, the basis of which is government as a guarantee of the regulatory process. In the case of governance, there are no guarantees of performing duties. This is the main difficulty of global governance implementation. A. Najam, a professor of Boston University and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, suggests the following definition of global governance: governance of global processes without any global government. The third approach argues that global governance is not opposing the globalization and its ideological form. The purpose of creation of this ideology is to hide the negative effects of neoliberal economics on a global scale. According to some political economists, the concept of global governance, thus, suffered the same fate as the other originally progressive normative concepts did: it was intercepted by various social forces that liberated it from the anti-hegemonic content and redefined it in such a way that the concept, in fact, supported the further consolidation of the world capital dictatorship. According to T. Weiss “global governance is collective efforts to detecting, studying or solving world problems that are beyond the capabilities of their solutions at the state ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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