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The Role and Representation of Women in Gypsy and Traveller Lifestyle - Research Paper Example

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The main approach to this research paper is to identify the Gypsy women that are in the media and how this relates to stereotypes and boundaries. The investigation will examine various media and TV based sources, specifically which create the belief that there is a reality-based component to the media. …
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The Role and Representation of Women in Gypsy and Traveller Lifestyle
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Download file to see previous pages According to the research paper "The role and representation of women in Gypsy and traveler lifestyle" findings, the concept of representation through the media is one which has various definitions and is divided in specific ways. When looking at the Gypsy women, it can first be seen that they are divided by the concept of belonging to a minority group. The concept of a minority group is defined by a race, class, culture or gender which is outside of a majority group. This is specific to the region in which one is in as well as how this is associated with the main group. The idea of the minority is further divided because of misperceptions and stereotypes which are created. This occurs because the minority is often unable to represent or show a different expression of their culture to a group. The process creates divisions within society, specifically because of a lack of understanding between the majority and minority groups. It also leads to the need to create new definitions that are respectful of tolerance and which are associated with various attitudes within society (Weldon, 2006). The concept of the minority is one which is further defined by various ethnicities and genders. The Gypsy woman in modern society is one which is associated with several types of stereotypes, specifically because of the lack of representation which is in society. The concept of the Gypsy culture is referenced as one based on the ideology of immigration and leading a life that is carefree and not based on the domestic lifestyle that most have. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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