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In the world today it is seen that several problems have arose with regard to the behavior of the individuals living in the society. Rudeness is one of the well documented problems which have been cited as a major reason of nuisance for many people. …
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Rudeness In the world today it is seen that several problems have arose with regard to the behavior of the individuals living in the society. Rudeness is one of the well documented problems which have been cited as a major reason of nuisance for many people. Rudeness has received a wide coverage of media along with views of learned sociologists and psychologists. Rudeness is a broad term which may have a definition varying according to the nature of people. Some people may consider talking on the cell phone with a high pitched voice to be rude whereas some may not consider it as rude. The topic of rudeness would be analyzed in this essay with response to the effects that it has on different people of this world (Cohen & Langer 2006). The realms of rudeness are not limited to the acts of an individual, but expand to the response that individuals give in certain situations. Arguments can be taken as an example here in which people tend to get rude in the middle of arguments, so that they can make the audience feel their view. These people tend to deny their opponents in a rude manner by not realizing that they are actually getting rude. However in an argument people may not consider this as rude as it is an act which is normally witnessed in all the arguments. Tannen in her article describes a confrontation with the media people which turned out to be rude. Tannen did not describe the confrontation as ‘rude’, but it is evident from her wordings that she did not like the way that the anchor started questioning and arguing with her. This is an example which can be seen in almost every real talk show these days. Thus rudeness is an issue which can be witnessed in almost every argument that people are having with each other (Tannen 1994). Problems relating to rudeness are prevalent in many real time situations. This can be witnessed in the common situation of where people are talking on the cell phone loudly. A poll conducted by Cohen and Langer showed that eighty seven percent of the Americans go through such a scene which they consider as rude. Other than that, it has also been found that disrespectful and impolite behavior is also prevalent in the society. The causes of rudeness are sometimes cited to be rooting from the problems of workload and intensity. At times the workload increases so much that people are not able to realize that they are getting rude. The Polls show that many people find it rude when people talk on the phone in a loud voice (Cohen and Langer 2006). The topic of rudeness has reached such a critical level that it has also been discussed in the famous show of Oprah Winfrey. Oprah argues that rudeness has been common against the service workers because of the position that they hold in the society. According to her rudeness in the society takes place because of the class differences that people consider when treating people. Waiters are included in a class of people who have to undergo rudeness from several of the customers that come. The customers tend to get rude at the smallest of things forgetting the fact that the waiters have feelings too. Apparently, rudeness in treating waiters is because of their belongingness to a group of workers. Customers at times feel that they own the group rather than considering them human enough. According to significant researches it is seen that cell phones have been a cause of rudeness for many people. In some cases it is seen that workers talk to the customers and the customer is busy talking on the phone. This again is counted as an act of rudeness (Oprah). Rudeness is a global problem which is not only limited to the United States. With every living individual on the world the definition of rudeness also changes. Depending upon the sensibility and coping power of the individual he might react to certain situations which he thinks are rude. People should care about the feelings of others and should maintain a civility when it comes to the topic of rudeness. This can only be achieved if the topic is widely taught and its causes are known to the people. The issue of workload should not affect as to how a person behaves with the individuals he interacts with. Service workers also have a right which should be respected by the customers by not getting rude. By following the principles of civility one can get rid of the issue of rudeness in this world (Oprah; Cohen & Langer 2006). References Are you rude? Maybe you should think again. CNN Edition. Poll: Rudeness in America, 2006. Jon Cohen & Gary Langer 2006. The Triumph of the Yell. Deborah Tannen. New York Times. 1994. Read More
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