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Personal Development and Careers - Assignment Example

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The changing environment of an organization had made it crucial for the organization and individuals to continuously learn in order to upgrade their knowledge, skills and compete with unpredictable changes which will discussed in the paper…
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Personal Development and Careers
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Download file to see previous pages If this is not paid attention during the learning process, things may go wrong and the expected results might turn out to be negative (Rather, 2004) The changes in the behaviour of individuals that are caused by learning are neither too temporary nor permanent. They lie between the two stages and are generally referred to be comparatively permanent in nature. It also implies that though unnecessary changes in the entire learning process can take place, yet the desired changes can be commenced in such a manner to terminate the unwanted results (Rather, 2004). The learning process in the organization is always goal-oriented that defines the objectives and provides a clear understanding to help the individual learn immediately. It is the purpose and objective of the organization to decide what should be learnt. It can be said that it is the objectives and goals of the organization that determine the entire system of learning process (Rather, 2004). The changes that are brought out in behaviour of the individuals through learning by different means are general phenomena. Learning in different ways cannot be attributed to certain hereditary influences. The learning is acquired and earned just as other attributes of the personality and for this reason learning is known as acquiring behaviour (Rather, 2004). The Behaviourist Approach of Learning John B. Watson was the first person to introduce the term behaviourism. The behaviourist approach of learning has recognised two types of learning namely classical conditioning and operant conditioning where conditioning is known as learning (Quinn, 2000). The behaviourism presumes that what lies between the response and stimulus are direct mechanisms that...
This paper approves that communication is the transmission of information. In addition, the information is the power for the reason that is the basis for judgement. The person possessing all the information is at the power. The withholding of information is also termed to be a form of power differences. This is because the person holding the information in a superior position and not communicating it fully for decision making is creating powers differences that affect the efficiency of the communication
This paper makes a conclusion that the managers should try to avoid such power difference in the communication process. They should make it formal and flexible so that only necessary messages are communicated. The unnecessary messages and overflow of information can be restricted. The secrecy system should be involved in the process so that it does not get communicated to wrong persons. This will ensure the top management and power holding authorities to communicate the message freely. Employees in the organization do not have common language due to cultural diversification workforce. This develops the barriers in communication. This problem is huge in multinational corporations. The technical groups and special groups or departments develop technical languages of their own. Therefore, this increases the separation from other groups and develops communication barriers. Certain components of physical surrounding that are responsible for inefficient communication are improper timing, distance, inadequate information, overload of information, defects in the medium, loss in transmission, poor retention, tendency to evaluate and other factors. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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