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Reasons for adopting - Term Paper Example

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What is Adoption? Adoption is the process undergone when a person or couple assumes the role of parenting for a child, permanently transferring all rights and responsibilities from the birth parents to the new parents…
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Reasons for adopting
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Download file to see previous pages What is Adoption? Adoption is the process undergone when a person or couple assumes the role of parenting for a child, permanently transferring all rights and responsibilities from the birth parents to the new parents.Unlike guardianship or fostering, adoption is intended to be a permanent status change for the child (Reitz & Watson 39). As adoption is a perpetual process, there is a need for legal or religious recognition, which is part of the reason why adoption involves numerous procedures. In the past, adoption was usually done based on inheritance rights or the responsibilities of parents. As such, there was no real process to pass a child onto a new family, since the new family often consisted of known relatives. Nowadays, adoption is a lengthy process as more and more children are being adopted into families that they are not related to. Reasons for Adopting The primary reason that a person or couple chooses to adopt is because they are unable to have children of their own. Due to infertility in either the man or the woman, a child cannot be produced. There are other options for having children, such as artificial insemination or surrogation, but many infertile couples prefer to use their inability to have children to offer homes to children that do not already have a home. They each lack something, and through each other they are able to become a complete family. Another reason that someone may adopt is because they are single but are still wanting children....
adopt; there are many male homosexual couples that are against any other alternative methods of having children, though female homosexual couples are more lenient with the idea of artificial insemination. All the same, not being able to physically start a family of their own, yet wanting to attain every benefit of marriage or a legal union, homosexual couples look to adoption to complete their family. There are other reasons that people decide to adopt, some of which can be considered self-serving. Some parents prefer to adopt a child because it is more affordable, especially if the child they are adopting is older, which means the parents do not have to worry about buying diapers, clothes, and special food. Furthermore, public adoptions through the state often means that the parents are given a monthly allowance from the state; unfortunately, many parents adopt because they know that the state will pay them for it. They are unable to afford more children of their own, so they rely on someone else to increase the size of their family while taking monetary advantage of the situation. Another self-serving reason that people adopt is because some women do not like what pregnancy does to the shape of their bodies. They do not want to gain weight, deal with stretch marks, or put their perfect figure at risk, so they adopt a child to fulfill their need to be a parent without changing their appearance. Finally, adoption is also done because it has become an increasing media trend, with famous names such as Angelina Jolie and Madonna adopting children. Single women and couples feel more empowered when they are able to compare themselves to big names such as these. Outcome of the Adoptee When adopting, most potential parents look at adopting infants and young children so that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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