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Social Enterprise Introduction: In today's global century, importance of English is not deniable. Role of English language has been multiplied by education and it has become universal language. English is important as a language as well as a subject because it is a global language and individuals with English as their second language face difficulties in their academic and professional careers…
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Social enterprise
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Download file to see previous pages The borough of Haringey is characterized by its diversity, over half of the residents are from minority ethnic communities and more than 190 languages are spoken in the borough. According to Office of National Statistics (2009) estimated that the population stands at 225,500. This is an increase of 85,200 from the population in mid-2008 (225,300). Haringey has the third largest population of white Europeans population in London 16.05% and with a third of those born in Eastern Europe including Turkey. A quarter of the population is 55,600 children. The Borough is ranged the 5th most deprived in England out of the 326 local authorities. This will have an effect on children living in low income families. The social issue, I have observed and selected to resolve through my business plan targets children living in Haringey ages 5-10 years are those who have English as their second language. My first target is Downhill Primary School of Haringey has now become an academy and named as Harris Primary Academy. It happened after publication and confirmation from Ofsted report that Downhill Primary School's attainment in English and Mathematics has been consistently low since last many years as compared to other schools in the Borough. In the Borough, there are approximately sixty-one primary schools out of which only a few offer English classes in the area. It is noteworthy, that Harris Primary School is comparatively large school, where students from a wide range of ethnic background study and approximately forty languages are spoken at the campus. However, English is the only language common among these students, which connects them and maintain their bond with each other. It is understood that every individual takes time and faces barriers to learn a language other than mother tongue (Chattle 2012). As Ofsted report has highlighted that in Downhill Primary School there is no satisfactory achievement in terms of teaching English to the students of differentiated backgrounds. Therefore, I strongly believe that if measures are not taken at initial stages, students of Harris Primary Academy will face crucial difficulties in their professional lives in Haringey, where fluency in written and verbal English is the foremost demand for almost every type of job. I have decided to offer a learning opportunity to young students for improving their performance in English (Ofsted 2012). My project is unique because it is the first time in the history of Harris Primary Academy that a separate learning program will be offered to students for six months, called as ESOL. ESOL stands for English for Speakers of other languages and it was initially started in the 15th century. However, with the technological advancements and interconnectedness between states demand for English increased and so is for ESOL after trading and colonization in England with various other countries. Mission and Objective: The mission of ESOL is to increase the participation of pupils in literacy and raise the achievement level for all children, especially those who do not currently benefit from what the teachers offer due to a large number of pupils in class. To provide support and instruction in the English language, British culture, and academic and cognitive areas which will enable the children to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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