Is discrimination against women that choose to stay home with their children increasing - Research Paper Example

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The traditionally the role of a women has been to take care of the children and kids at home (Gould). According to Gould in regard to gender in the workforce provide that the notion of women staying at home to take care of the children and the other partner go to work has experience changes for the past half century (Gregory 34). …
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Is discrimination against women that choose to stay home with their children increasing
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Download file to see previous pages In this study it is notable that in 1950s to 1970s the transition period began where women increased their efforts in joining the workforce. Women began to balance the career life and family life most of them choosing career over family.
Overview of women career and family life
As noted earlier that during 1970s that there was a sharp increase in the number women entering the workforce and career life prioritizes it over family life. After this transition period surveys conducted shows a sharp increase of this trend. A larger percentage of women who were born at the wake of the feminist revolution would choose career over the family. Most of the women describe themselves as being first generation women; they do not want to feel being pressured by the family responsibilities so as to establish their careers (Aloi). More than 55% of the credentialed pool of talent most of them college graduates entering into the workforce comprises of women. Most of them face the challenge of advancing their careers in which it needs a lot of sacrifice. This dilemma of women is that they either sacrifice their children or their career advancement. From the results of these surveys it can be argued that majority of the modern women are childfree of have no family responsibilities by choice rather than circumstances (Gould).
In addition to this is the how the working women balance their personal lives. The notable reasons for the push of women entering the workforce include the following. Labour shortages As men engage in other activities some sector of a country economy may result into shortage in some sectors. Most governments in the world have initiated campaigns to encourage women to enter into the workforce (Scott). The implication of these government campaigns is the enactment of policies which are considered discriminative to those women at home not working. Female labour force has constantly increased. Feminist movement There has been increases feminist movement across the world which pushes for equal rights of women liberation. There has been criticism on the domestic slavery and discrimination of women. With this opportunity for women those who continued to stay at home were also criticized. Financial satisfaction There has been a rising and increasing cost of living in most economies in the world. Therefore the governments are pushing for women to work to be able to satisfy their financial needs. Women consider joining the workforce in order to support their families and themselves. Government equal rights acts Governments have passed equal rights acts which discourage women who stay at home. Such rights pertain majorly on the equality on the pay and the civil rights. Equal rights amendments have been proposed and passed in most countries (Scott). Emergence of Service Sector This sector for the last has century has tremendously expanded thus increasing the demand for female workers. The brain power of this sex has increased and triumphed and more women engage in the workforce. Increased ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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