Social Work intervention to help Adult mental health and domestic violence issues - Dissertation Example

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Social Work Interventions Adult Mental Health Issues & Domestic Violence Submitted to: [Pick the date] Contents Abstract 3 1.Introduction 4 2.Literature Review 4 2.1 Causes of Mental Health Issues and Domestic Violence 5 2.2 Addressing Mental Health Issues and Domestic Violence 7 2.3 Social Work Interventions 8 3.Research Methodology 10 3.1 Research Objective 10 3.2 Research Questions 10 3.3…
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Social Work intervention to help Adult mental health and domestic violence issues
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Download file to see previous pages The research methodology used involves explorative study of secondary data present in the form of reliable publications such as peer-reviewed journals and books. Furthermore, the research also highlights the responsiveness of social work towards perpetrators, their mental health issues and interventions designed for male victims. 1. Introduction Social work and domestic violence agencies are perceived as a medium of protection of victims of domestic violence involving physical abuse. Where measures taken by these bodies are intended to restore the physical health of the victims, they also focus on reducing the impacts of trauma faced by the victim. This dissertation is aimed at identifying the possible causes of domestic violence in society and their related outcomes. Furthermore, this research attempts to develop a relationship between domestic violence and mental health issues in adults (Humphreys 2007 and Siemieniuk et al. 2012). The research identifies the interventions employed by social work bodies and categorizes them as primary and secondary interventions. To highlight the importance of identifying mental health issues associated with physical abuse and assist in preventing mental health disorders either by reducing the risk factors for adults with no diagnosed mental disorder (Leung et al. 2012) or by preventing relapse in people previously diagnosed with a mental health disorder (Howard et al. 2010), particularly those in disadvantaged and vulnerable groups (Cacciatore et al. 2011, and Shawahin, & Ciftci 2012) is the main purpose of this research. Other than addressing the issues of victims of physical abuse, this research will also highlight the behaviour of social work bodies towards perpetrators and male victims of domestic violence. 2. Literature Review Domestic violence has been one of the major issues that have caught attention of social work and government agencies handling domestic violence. It is important to note that domestic violence is a resultant of aggression underlying in childhood issues or complex relationship. Additionally, the degree of victimization is also dependent on the intimacy of the relationship. It has been observed through various case studies that in highly intimate relationships, tolerance for domestic violence is higher which further alleviates the risks for future damage leading to critical adult mental issues. On the other hand, children who have viewed violence in their childhood i.e. intense aggression among parents or have suffered abuse themselves are more prone to mental issues in their adult life. However, in order to address these issues, social work agencies have defined frameworks that deal with the early diagnosis of the problem leading to domestic violence that begins with the routine screening of the victim reported as a primary prevention intervention. Further interventions include attempts to reduce risks of repeat victimization, supporting the victim in enabling disclosure; reporting to authorities and supporting them regain mental health through selected interventions based on individual cases and group work (Hester and Westmarland, 2005). 2.1 Causes of Mental Health Issues and Domestic Violence Domestic violence is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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