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Another World Is Possible If - Research Paper Example

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ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE IF…. BY SUSAN GEORGE Name University Course Instructor Date Introduction George is a popularly prominent radical scientist and author of various articles and books such as the global social justice, insufficiency in the developing countries and Underdevelopment or dormancy and debt…
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Another World Is Possible If
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Download file to see previous pages She also objects the structural policies of reform of Washington Consensus regarding development of Third World nations. Her argument “A new and a different world can be Possible if….” has intensive impacts on both traditional and contemporary world development, social justice and globalization. Discussion In her arguments, Susan George discusses the possibility of a different world that integrates social transformation and world justice with “instructive if” and later proposes significant considerations and steps on how to realize this ideal world. George’s direction to the world justice movement reacts to the challenge of the respective activists and ordinary citizens in sustaining the knowledge of global events due to the effects of globalization. Conversely, citizens are not able to engage in politics for change because of oppression by capitalist social systems and practices, (George, 2004, p.12). George also reacts to the dissatisfaction of the public with ancient democracy representative. Similarly, providing significant knowledge, linkages and accounts of her own experiences, Susan asserts that the international space or the world can be democratized. George’s arguments are presented into two parts. ...
In the second part, “Another World is increasingly attainable if…..” highlights the significance of integrating numbers, institutions and alliances with knowledge in itself, motivating educators, the denial of dreams and the non-violence practice so as to attain change. The section also highlights that even though, transformation is possible it needs hard work, motivation, time and strong believe and trust in this alternative world, (George, 2004, p.113). Susan George speaks of possibilities of creation a new and different world where social justice prevails. The main question remains “what other world is possible and how?” Similarly, George stresses that if we (citizens) have ever felt dissatisfied about increased inequality in the globe, about the intensive power controlled by a few organizations or individuals, if we have ever suspected that rules of trade among the poor and wealth worlds and highly rigged at the expense of the poor nations - then maybe people may have also marveled if the globe could be somehow different. Therefore, is this other world possible to reach? An influential watchword of the anti- socialist and anti-corporate movement (commonly referred to as anti-globalization revolution) is that a different world is possible. For example, in Brazil, cynicism of wealthy nations’ common interests is highly intensive; they established a samba on the declaration. People wonder whether a better world can be possible, or they should become accustomed to being forced around by minority authority or power. Similarly, should citizens of the current world be used to poverty, imperialism, oppression and perpetual peripheral positions? Or can they hope for a better world ahead? In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Another World Is Possible If Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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