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This research paper analyzes various social classes, that were present on the Titanic. The researcher aims to discuss the passengers on board, who were a representative of each distinct class along with house cleaners, nannies, valets, kitchen staff, engine crew and stewards…
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Social Classes on the Titanic
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Download file to see previous pages The charges remitted for their passage depended on the suite size selected for travelling. For instance, some chose to use suits that contained private dining, living rooms and house cleaners as their social class dictated. Second Class. The second-class passengers of the Titanic are the ones currently referred to as the middle class. The second class normally consisted of those passengers who attained success through hard work and struggle. Such people included teachers, clerks and miners. These occupied the decks immediately below the first class passengers. The second-class suite had a library, smoking zone and the dining hall. Third Class. Most of the third class Titanic passengers were steerage crossing to America in search of a better life. They had traded most of their belongings and boarded the ship with only prized possessions. The money acquired from the property sales was meant to enable them re-establish in the foreign land. The third class passengers could not afford the luxuries that were at the disposal of first class passengers. They had an open-air gathering area which was separated from other social class. They were not allowed to associate with the second or first class passengers. The social class was regarded highly at the time and any attempt by the lower class to mingle with the first class was considered a trespass. While the Titanic disaster is viewed by many people as a distant disaster unique to the time it occurred, the social differences that were experienced by its passengers are still life in the modern social life. Following the collision at the iceberg, the third class people were most affected. This is because they were deliberately excluded from the lifeboats, the challenge of the...
The researcher states that the Titanic passengers were classified into three classes, first, second and third. The class level of the passengers was determined by the ticket price, wealth and the social class. The social class was a product of the nature of the background that the passenger was born. The first class passengers occupied the top-most deck. The second-class passengers were members of the middle class comprising special groupings such as professors, clergymen and tourists. The third class passengers were mostly immigrants moving to America in search of a better life. The third class people were more affected because they were deliberately excluded from the lifeboats, the ship conditions disadvantaged them and their own behavior compromised their survival rate. Poor people were practically trapped in the sinking ship because of their class status. The wealthy had easy access to all life saving facilities ranging from nutritious food and lifeboats were the poor were trapped in unsafe lower decks, far away from amenities. Today, wealthy people occupy safer environs with consistent flow of nutritious food. The Titanic experience proves that the society is characterized by the unending class conflicts whose gap progressively widens. The ends results of the disaster proves that the inhumane and unfair treatment of Bourgeoisie and proletariat traits must corrected ion advance to avoid the negative consequences that may culminate if the habit prolong in the society. This proves that class is life a chance. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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