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Marxist Approach On exploration of the ‘Breadth’ analysis, which is based on dialectical materialism, it can be seen that Marxists see human history as a fundamental struggle between social classes. The struggle of opposing forces is the dialectic model of change…
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Marxist Approach
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Download file to see previous pages For over a century, there has been effort and attempt by researchers to interpret and apply the philosophies of Marx. The Russian revolution provided important contributions to the Marxist theory by reviving Marxism in general. The emergency of world-systems theory has indicated that currently, Marxist theory has influenced a large part of social structures (Wallenstein, 1974). Not only that but even several feminist theorists have utilized Marx’s thoughts as initial steps towards their struggle. As explained in Breadth section, in Marx's view, any phase of history that was based on unequal economic structures, has produced inside itself the seeds of its own annihilation. Hence, the capitalist structure that is based on two major unequal classes will inevitably bring conflict, which will lead to the historical phase of socialism. Capitalism comprised of class contradictions between workers and capitalists. There is a profound difference between the basic economic interests of these groups. This difference of interests generates contradictions that are the root of the struggle between them. Furthermore, as the division between the classes gets widened, the exploitation of working class intensifies. This intensified exploitation then deteriorates the condition of the workers even more. This tension and strained condition will facilitate the collapse of social structures. ...
This significant point covers the main points of Marx’s class delineation and characteristics. This summary indicates how much Marx had stressed on the ‘class struggle’ as the driving force of social change. The working classes (labor) that were responsible for creating their existing situation can produce value in society. Controlling of the economic resources and exploitation precedents is unequivocally under the political subjugation. However, by controlling the state, the owners of the means of production keeps the economic interests under their control indirectly. The economic arrangement of the society shapes the social superstructure (morality, ideologies, art, and literature). Social institutions (e.g. state, educational system, family, and religious institutions) are shaped on the basis of class structure. As the ruling class controls the social superstructures, it uses its ideology to serve and perpetuate their domination through economic class arrangement. The economic arrangement of capitalism that is founded on exploitation can be the actual base of the social superstructures (social, political, and intellectual awareness) that are built (Ritzer, 2010). In this way, this philosophical analysis leads to an understanding that socio-economic theory and political exercise is dialectically intermingled. The Applicability of Functionalism The Breadth and Depth sections examined the concept of social change, the characteristics of various theories and their explanation, and their applicability to the social change. While some philosophers have attempted to describe social change through the broader spectrums, others have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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