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Statistical project and on the sucides in the U.S military - Research Paper Example

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The background of the suicidal dilemma under discussion is expressed through the studies conducted in the respective area so far. U.S. armed forces have been continuously in a state of war around the globe since late 2001. The most notable war zones have been Iraq and Afghanistan…
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Statistical research project and research on the sucides in the U.S military
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Extract of sample "Statistical project and on the sucides in the U.S military"

Download file to see previous pages However, the most worrying factor is suicide. The growing rate of suicide in defense personnel especially marines and deployed combat forces is alarming for both the governmental authorities and general public. Multiple studies have been conducted in this regard to curb the identified causes in order to reduce the rate of suicide in U.S. military. The strategies employed so f......
The most recent and the most challenging of fronts that they have had to fight their foes on is the Afghan and Iraq deployment. There has been a challenging outcome of the most recent deployments. The US marine personnel have been observed to have faced recent multiple deployments have become subject to multiple mental and psychological problems in the recent years among which suicide have the highest trend. Though the number of personnel being affected physically is much lesser than those in the earlier wars fought by the US but the psychological states of army men facing multiple deployments are far worse. Psychologically disturbing factors such as watching fellow men in distress and hurt or undergoing physical and mental traumas are just one of the numerous factors. Relative to the recent past, the army has faced the highest number of suicides by serving individuals in the year 2009. The report is attempted to dig into the causes of these psychological issues and provide proposed remedy for them. Background The endeavors of the US army over Iraq and Afghanistan have gone way beyond a span of continuous nine years now. The resultant of this continuous combat is the increasing concern of mounting stress on U.S. forces after having served continuously in multiple war zones. All services, specifically the army and the Marine Corps have experienced an increasing inclination towards suicide, with the latter being more prone to it having been subject to combat the most in the past years. The resultant is the record of the largest number of suicides in the year 2009. Serious efforts by the U.S. DOD (Department of Defense) are now being carried out in order to take care of this mounting issue of increasing suicides. Specific prevention campaigns are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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