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Sociology and politics - Essay Example

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Sociology 1. Narcotizing dysfunction is characterized by the overexposure of issues carried out by the mass media. As a result of the inundation, the public tends to become passive and unresponsive to the issues that beset them even if these do affect them…
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Sociology and politics
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Download file to see previous pages Aside from narcotizing dysfunction, the media was also responsible for gatekeeping, a process which basically determines the news stories as well as their slants. It is evident that the mass media during the war in Iraq had apprehensions over the prospects of military victory. This negative bias towards the war was carried out even during the aftermath. The news did not dwell much on the tactical military gains but rather n the effects of the war on civilians. 2. A military unit that commits murder on some individuals and do not feel any remorse or guilt for the criminal act may or may not did so because they were following orders. It must be pointed out though that since the term (“murder”) used connotes illegality, then the said unit may indeed be conscious in what they are doing. This means that they are not only following orders but also believed in the ‘morality’ of the act. Such behavior could be attributed to the conclusions made by Stanley Milgram through his experiment. In the Milgram experiment, the subject is put in a situation where he is told to send electric shocks to another wrong person. It is his response to such orders that his behavior towards such circumstances is observed. In the case of the military unit, however, it is implied that the members already knew that that the order given to them is immoral and yet they continue to do so. It is at this point that ordinary soldiers, whose job require fighting and annihilating the enemy as ordered by superiors become what Milgram describes as “agents in a terrible destructive process.” 3. Paul Gorski’s Myth of the Culture of Poverty correctly sums up the valid and well-grounded arguments against common notions that people who live in poverty share a common culture that is characterized by weak work ethics, absence of motivation to succeed, non-appreciation of the value of education, and alcohol and substance abuse. It is quite clear that the prejudices against them are not at all shared by the poorer members of society but these basically originate by the upper social classes or the more economically advantaged. The problem here is that as these prejudices or myths continue to be treated by the middle class and the economic elite as truths, efforts undertaken to uplift the conditions of the poor would be carried out without belief that these would really bring about changes in the ranks of the beneficiaries. In fact, considering the immense cultural influence of the economically advantaged sectors in society, the said myths could be propagated through various means and would even make the poor sections think that these are indeed true. The worst effects of such myths on the culture of poverty is when it embraced by the poor sections of the population. Once this happens, the will to improve their conditions even if it means introducing fundamental changes in society would diminish. This would result, of course, to maintaining the status quo, which is to the advantage of the economically better off. 4. There is essentially only one basis for justifying racial profiling according to individuals, groups, and the government and this is the interest of national security. This had actually been the justification used in the West Coast, when thousands of Japanese immigrants, including citizens of Japanese descent, were interred during the height of World War II. Such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sociology and Politics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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