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Confronting with the Challenge of Unwed Motherhood and Single Parenthood - Essay Example

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The researcher of this essay will make an earnest attempt to explore the causes, effects, and consequences of the constant increase in the number and proportion of unwed mothers in the most modern country of the world i.e. the United States of America…
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Confronting with the Challenge of Unwed Motherhood and Single Parenthood
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Extract of sample "Confronting with the Challenge of Unwed Motherhood and Single Parenthood"

Download file to see previous pages The present research has identified that Blank & Kovak submit to state that single mothers generally belong to the lower stratum, and could generate their earnings as less-skilled single mothers, which are not sufficient for the proper feeding, clothing, and education of their children. In addition, such a perturbed state of affairs is also inviting ruination of law and order situation, as the unwed mothers and their children remain under the fear of becoming the victim of assaults and abuses of various kinds because of the absence of the shelter and protecting hand on their heads in the person of a father. As a result, crime rate witnesses imperative increase along with the deteriorating socioeconomic condition of the families belonging to the unwed mothers. The political authorities, law enforcing agencies and civil rights activists are interested to combat with the grave challenge in order to set the US society free from the awkward clutches of criminal assaults, poverty, and moral decline. Theories have been articulated and researches have been conducted in order to discover the reasons behind the growing phenomenon challenging the very roots of spiritual, ethical and moral fabrics of the society nearly four-fifth of the total population of which claims to be the adherent of the Christian religious belief system. Since Christianity vehemently lays stress upon following the morality according to the commandments of the Lord manifestly elucidated in the Holy Scripture, setting aside its golden principles are creating such challenges that appear to be damaging all the institutions of social establishment on the one hand, and inviting financial embarrassments and socio-cultural mortifications on the other. The moralists are of the view that the uncontrolled sexualization of children has spawned a generation of adults who have delved into every perversion under the sun. Relationships have also become twisted and perverted. This has devastated marriages, which are now more likely to end in divorce than not. As a result, the social problems including poverty, lawlessness, unemployment, pathetic life standard, high crime rate, ethnic-racial hatred and others appear to be devouring the national resources swiftly and putting the economy of the country into grave jeopardy. The theorists are of the opinion that weakening of social norms and moral values is a normal phenomenon. By looking into the history of cultures and civilizations of the world at large, it looks crystal clear that every revolution, ever took place on the face of the earth from the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras to the contemporary one, has brought about several unpleasant and untoward cultural traits in society along with introducing with the intention of introducing some positive alterations to the individuals. For instance, the industrial revolution 1750 had augmented the class differences between the individuals, while famous French Revolution 1789 had inflicted cruelties and atrocities upon the political rivals of those at the helm of the government affairs in the name of justice and equality. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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