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Cloning in the social and media context - Essay Example

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Cloning in the Social and Media Context Cloning is defined as “the use of asexual reproduction to obtain organisms that are genetically identical to one another and to the 'parent'” (Dale et al, 2011 p115). This means that cloning involves a method of replicating organisms without the normal sexual conception systems which often involves a male and a female of the species in question…
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Cloning in the social and media context
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Cloning in the social and media context

Download file to see previous pages... In other words, they look the same in terms of their genes and their features. This makes cloning quite different from reproduction through sexual means which results in offsprings that are not very similar to any of their two parents. There is a major conflict in the issue relating to the cloning of living things, particularly human beings (Restivo, 2005). This conflict has led to the creation of two camps on the matter: the biologists and the sociologists. Biologists believe that cloning will improve animal life and their breeding habits. They believe that cloning will lead to the preservation of endangered species and help to increase knowledge of human beings and prevent diseases. This is because there is overwhelming evidence that cloning could be used to create stem cell transplants and other scientific miracles that could lead to the control of some disease, particularly genetic diseases. On the other hand, sociologists believe that cloning stands to endanger the human society. This is because it will always affect the genetic identity of people and cause problems for the nuclear family structures of societies around the world. They believe that cloning will distort the concept of individuality and it would be used to promote eugenics and breed social discord. The 'sociologists' present their arguments through religious and ethical standpoints which make cloning appear to be unacceptable and 'unnatural'. This is mainly because religion, particularly the Abrahamic religions which are common throughout the world today see cloning as a violation of the natural order that was laid out in the various Holy Scriptures. On the other hand, other non-religious persons who see the dangers of cloning to society join in the debate through an ethicist point of view which seeks to condemn cloning. The conflict and controversy surrounding cloning has had an effect on the human society in a profound manner. Generally, cloning is currently banned around the world today. In attaining this end, there was a lot of controversy in the society relating to the technology of cloning. This was evidenced by the media's anti-cloning sentiments that led to the ban on cloning. This paper examines the overall effects of cloning on humans and animals on the society. It examines dominant and key debates relating to cloning and its impact on the wider society. The paper begins by examining the position of cloning in the modern society. It goes on to examine the relationship between cloning and the law. The paper further examines the impact of cloning and the psychological make-up of potential humans 'born' through cloning. It finally discusses the position of cloning in the media in the world. The Position of Cloning in the Society The family is the basic structure in societies. As such, a child is normally born into a family where s/he is socialized into the wider society. The normal method of procreation and socializing of children is one where a couple come together, engage in sexual intercourse which leads to conception and pregnancy. This is followed by childbirth and the raising of the child. If cloning becomes an accepted part of society, there is going to be an inevitable breakage in this cycle. Individuals would be able to just get children replicated for them as and when they want to. Clearly, this will violate the basic element of society and have a far-reaching ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Science of Cloning & The Ethical Issues Associated With It
The article takes a deeper look at cloning as one of the most hyped, criticized and debated subjects of the century, and has raised innumerable ethical concerns in legal, religious, as well as social realms. The term ‘cloning’ encompasses several scientific procedures, most of which have limited or no ethical issues associated with them.
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Cloning has also been performed on a scale as large as an individual organism an example of which was the sheep Dolly. There is a single parent in cloning unlike the reproduction which happens with the mating of two parents; a male and a female. Some plants have been demonstrating the process of cloning for thousands of years, but their contribution in the ethical debates about the legitimacy of cloning of animals or humans is nil.
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However at the same time, the majority of us are in fact not completely sure as to what cloning actually is. In order to come to a clearer and more understanding viewpoint on this subject matter, the elements surrounding the topic of cloning must be properly addresses.
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trol, genetic engineering, transplanted heads, computer poetry, and the unrestrained growth of plastic flowers." (Notes of a biology watcher: on cloning a human being. N Engl J Med. 1974; 291:1296-97). It is this statement that serves as the basis of this paper. It is apparent
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When this egg starts to divide, stem cells will be added, which will help to generate an organ to match the requirements of the patient. Normally therapeutic cloning is termed only as
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Cloning by artificial means is the one most popularly identified with cloning: It is the creation of a clone scientifically, that is, by some conscious design or human intervention. Contrary to widespread belief,
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This procedure results in creating the embryonic growth of a new organism which contains the original organism’s entire genetic code. Hundreds of cloned mammals have resulted by means of this process. “The term clone is used in many
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Though the issue of cloning human beings has received criticisms from different sectors of society, it can be observed that some people advocate for this process as a result of different reasons. For instance, parents
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However, the cloning of plants has been present for longer. The process involves the generation of genetically identical cells from one ancestral cell. For plants it is mainly utilized to create species with the ideal
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Social media
This is mainly because the platforms not only enable the creation of relationships, but they also provide quick communication methods through which many people can be reached within the shortest time
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