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Identify a policy area that - Essay Example

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Name Institution Instructor Course Date Health policy Abstract Healthy policy is plan than drives the investment and action of design in order to improve health care and prevent illness for persons within a locality. Laws, bureaucratic edicts and the guiding principles can manifest the policy…
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Identify a policy area that
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Download file to see previous pages In a health policy research, the obtained information is very important in provision of basis for the allocation of government resources in an area (Lee and Mills 2004:12). A policy impact refers to policy implementation strategies in health of an individual like in the case of clinical management policies application. There are many opportunities for funding without evidence more so the political and economic factors. Detailed healthy policy analysis and evaluation improves the chances of a successful implementation of future policy by revealing opportunities, which may contain enhancement documentation. Introduction Healthy policy is the plan and actions that government or other established bodies undertake in order to achieve certain health care goals in a given society. An explicit health care may achieve certain things inclusively designing the future of the health industry as well as distributing priorities and role of each player. Health is the most important secondary need that every person would want (McLaughlin 2004:173). In the developed world, more emphasis is on improving health and the longevity of the global citizens. The main policy within the health department is that it aims at quality life. Now another question, of what is quality life develops. Participation in health policy Health policy in its evaluation has many disciplines that are very involving and majorly cater for the biological and behavioral changes of the mortal beings. Both the macro and the microeconomics incorporate the connections of health whereabouts and demographic transition through research methods, findings, and the casual relations. The of the connections in which people live in and their expected live span promote the health production status as well strengthening the relationship between an individual stock of health and the productivity of the same. Health goes hand in hand with demographic growth of any state. Control of reproduction improves the health of the mother as well as the well-being of the offspring’s. The mother also has many opportunities to improve economically. The service offered in health centers must of high quality because the patients are not very many (Johnson and Stoskopf 2005:112). The health policy is as well demanding and calls for effective participation of each player for effective results. The conceptual understanding of each social and political trend that are in the public health participation leads to critical decision making of the heads as part of their management. Health policy participation can be a form of reflection and response to legitimacy and superiority of professional knowledge as key determinant to health care decision making (McLaughlin: 302). It can also be a form of redefinition of the role of provincial government in the local health resource care and the desire to hold health care providers more accountable to the dire community they serve. The freedom of participation in the health policy shifts the in the political philosophy on who is to make certain health care decisions. This shift is more of the participatory process of decision making that is away from the professional dominance particularly in the medical field. Healthy policymaking and participation is hierarchical but very inclusive. At its lowest, the policy may reflect the technical expertise that does not give any informational advantage when it comes numerous values considered as today’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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