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Negative effects of technological advancement on society - Essay Example

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19 April 2012. Negative effects of technological advancement on society There has been tremendous advancement in technology in the past few decades. People who did not know anything about computers and mobiles few decades before are today using iPod and iMac…
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Negative effects of technological advancement on society
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Download file to see previous pages While this has conventionally enhanced the efficiency of system, there have also been several negative implications of the technological advances upon the society. This paper discusses the negative impacts of the technological advances on the society. Technological advances have, ironically, made society regress in terms of health, moral status, and peace of mind. Technological advances have had many negative impacts on health. The first and the foremost negative effect that has surfaced over the years is obesity. There has been immense increase in the number of overweight and obese people over the years. Obesity can be considered an outcome of the technological advancement that has taken place since the industrial revolution. Although the two i.e. obesity and technological advancement are too different in terms of their meanings, yet the two have a cause and effect relationship. In the past, people used to travel long distances on foot as there were no vehicles. This caused them to walk considerable distance on daily basis even if the intention of the travelling was not walk. Use of vehicles for traveling has eradicated walk from people’s life, thus causing an increase in the amount of stored fat in the body. As a result, people have started to become overweight and obese. ...
People spend hours and hours using computers without any break. Even if there are breaks, they are rarely for doing any physical activity. Use of computers has integrated in every activity. Students are required to use computers for making projects. Businessmen need computers to manage the organizations. Irrespective of what is the purpose of its use, the use is often ranged over several hours uninterruptedly, thus causing people to gain weight. Many obese people have a disturbed sexual life. Their sexual experiences are affected by their obesity, and they are neither able to achieve maximum satisfaction in sex themselves nor give maximum satisfaction to their sexual partner. The person gradually becomes disconnected with the society physically. In the long-run, this leads to complete social exclusion of the person. Technological advancement has transformed the society into a consumers’ society. Inspired by technology, people have become more and more materialistic. This not only causes the rich to waste money, but also increases the gap between the rich and the poor. In order to afford the expensive technological items, people have to work a lot. Working a lot means using a lot of computer. With having to work so much on daily basis, people find little time to rest, what to talk of finding time to do exercise or physical workouts to reduce weight. A lot of people today have to work in more than one job to make a certain amount of money with which they can run their expenses. Technological advancement has increased challenges at the workplace particularly for the aged people. New technology calls for a need of expertise in its use. “People constantly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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