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Victims of violence Name Institution Victims of violence Introduction A victim is anyone who suffers any kind of harm. Any type of victim normally experiences pain due to the harm that is inflicted by the offender. The paper will identify to two types of victims that is the domestic violence victims and property crime victims…
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Term paper for victim study class
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Download file to see previous pages This implies that no one is immune to domestic violence and therefore everybody is vulnerable. Victims of domestic violence can therefore be spouses, dating partners, family members and children (Harvey, 2010). Property crime involves taking property that does not belong to you and possessing it illegally. Property crime may not necessarily involve violence. People involved in property crime may just want to own and possess what they can possibly not afford to acquire and therefore get it from other people without the consent of the owners (Harvey, 2010). Domestic crime victims Domestic violence takes various forms. In the article “what is domestic violence?” Some of the domestic violence offences includes and not limited to the following: physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and economic (Harvey, 2010). Physical abuse Physical abuse involves inflicting pain on the victim. The offender acts in a manner that will cause physical harm to the victim. Physical abuse include and not limited to the following: Striking, punching, slapping, kicking, strangling, sleep, deprivation, pushing and pulling etc. offenders are involved in physical abuse for various reasons (Ireland, 2010). Parents may abuse their children physically as they try to instill discipline in their children. Others use physical abuse to persuade their children to perform academically if they are not performing in school (the causes of physical child abuse). Such parents are normally harsh to their children and tend to think that they can reinforce the discipline of their children by inflicting physical pain. Hence some parents use the physical abuse as a corrective measure. According to the article “the causes of child abuse” harsh physical discipline can cause injuries or death (Ireland, 2010). Spousal abuse is a result of various things such as environment and upbringing, low self-esteem, economic status and religion (Ireland, 2010). (i) Environment and upbringing The environment in which the spouses were brought up may contribute to spousal physical abuse. Spouses who were brought up in an abusive environment where by their parents kept on fighting and calling each others name, may see it as normal to fight and quarrel. A man who was brought up in an environment where the father used to batter the mother may not find it strange to batter the wife. Likewise, women who were brought up in an environment where their mothers used to receive beatings from their fathers as a form of discipline may take physical abuse as normal. ii) Low self esteem Self – esteem is the overall evaluation of how people look at themselves in terms of worthiness. It may be termed as how we think about ourselves. Someone with low self esteem think of themselves as not being worthy. In a relationship, when one partner feels unworthy, there arises an element of insecurity. The partner that feels insecure may also feel powerless and become jealous about the partner. In order to feel powerful, the partner with low self esteem may resolve to physical abuse so as to show the partner that they are powerful. As a result, this ends up as spousal abuse (Hamel & Tonia, 2007). iii) Economic status The economic status is the status in which one is in terms of wealth or poverty. The economic status can be a source of spousal abuse when one of the spouses feel that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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