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Existance of real democracy - Assignment Example

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Existence of Real Democracy Existence of Real Democracy Introduction Ever since the evolution of mankind to having formed the civilized societal life, the necessity of an administrative system has been experienced and existing culturally designed community life of people…
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Existance of real democracy
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Download file to see previous pages Presently, the countries across the world are governed by different patterns of administrative systems in which democratic political views occupy a significant role. In the wake of globalization and continued co-existence of international strategies, there is a definite demand for clearly evaluating the aspect of comparative politics to know where and how the democratic political face of each country stands in relationship with others. Comparative Politics and Democratic Approach Recent developments in comparative politics formed platforms for institutional feasibility and importance of different forms of governments in various countries, which may vary from democratic, transitional and non-democratic models. However, in the areas concerned for strategic relationships between countries of contrasting models of governance, the scope of transparency rendered by comparative politics ensures a smooth management of international affairs. When the democratic governments of countries like Germany, Argentina and Great Britain are t compared with the American policies, it is assumed that American democratic approach no longer seems inherently logical. These countries in common have certain democratic components in their strategies and general administration. In all of these countries, basic regions of political thoughts like participation, pluralism, developmentalizm, protection and performance can be seen as fundamental policy streams. Sometimes, conditions of political transitions occur in democracy due to the varying approaches of the governments in relationship with some of the above components. Such resultant changes reflect in the deviations of democratic outlook of leading countries of the world, and may even look illogical of the contexts at times. Participation is the most basic way in which people are connected to their governments in almost all the democratic countries. In the participation concept, American approach was rather discriminating towards those who had a linear dependence to social, racial and economic conditions. A trace of the ancient lines is still found there, as the American citizens have only an indirect part in the general right of nominating their President. However, in Switzerland, the referendum passed for the election is a direct method in which citizens enjoy the right to select their candidate directly. In the participation context, the Swizz citizens have more advantage than their US counterpart for this regard (Grigsby). Pluralism as a component of democracy, the US government allows formation and functioning of several civil groups in the country. However, the German approach is more centered on the administration of churches, but the democratic views of the government provide enough room for globalization through migration and cultural adaptations. Though the democratic model of government in Great Britain had evolved from the models of American Revolution, the concept of developmentalism varies with either country. America executes a largely liberal towards labor forces, while in the UK; the administration of the workforce is directly overseen by the government officials. In an open analysis, it is clear that the component of protection of civil rights and the government itself is more guaranteed in democratic countries. While America has the world’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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