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Cross culture behaviour - Essay Example

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Term Paper - Cross Culture Behaviour A self-critical discussion of questions regarding the imparted course material Confidential 199515 31 March 2012 Lecturer: Dr. Mark A. Baker 1 Table of Contents 1. Preface This term paper was an assignment based on Self-Management lecture part two held on 18th and 19th of November 2011 at Kempten University…
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Cross culture behaviour
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Download file to see previous pages This paper refers to: Description of one’s personal understanding of the own culture Description of one’s cognitive, emotional, and behavioral cultural Intelligence Development of one’s CQ strengths and reducing weaknesses in such a way that one can become more effective in interacting with a culturally diverse people We have learned that awareness of one’s behaviour is the first step to solve differences, as well as to handle them adequately. This awareness also increases one’s ability to do cross-cultural communication. We are all creatures of our culture and have our own cultural backgrounds. However, we come across people from different cultures in our daily life. Even in our own culture, we need to understand different characters. It is necessary for all of us to show respect and worthiness to other people in order to reach our personal and business goals. Therefore, I was interested in taking this course. This course helped me learn actively based on my experience of dealing with people from different cultures during work. This course also helped me get a better awareness of become a better person who could interact with culturally diverse people and solve their problems. ...
Therefore, leadership is also the ability of a person to lead people on technical, as well as on soft areas. 2. Description of Personal Understanding of Own Culture In this section of the paper, I would like to describe my own culture and personality, as well as my cultural beliefs, norms and values, and the way they developed. “I am a responsible, creative, solution-oriented, warm-hearted, sexual, ambitious, striving, foresighted, sensitive, orderly, sensual, perfection-oriented, humorous, nice, helpful, strict, pragmatic, multi-interested, tough, conservative, workaholic, multidiscipline, and openhearted person. Moreover, I am also a well organized, well structured, intellectual, harmony-loving, Loyal, funny, frame-loving, conflict-avoiding, polite, crystal clear, thoughtful, animal-loving, assimilative, left-brained, selfless, introverted, strong, and a sincere person. I want to be nice at home, quick at repartee, and helpful for my friends” In order to avoid misunderstandings, I do not think all these adjective descriptors are positive. Therefore, there is a lot of self-critical in it as I tried to create an objective description, which also includes the meaning of other persons. To explain some descriptors better, I want to add the following: I guess I am not a workaholic. I like to work, but the result of my 150% schedule is more an escape, a missing of acceptance and compliment, striving for appraisal, or inner restlessness. I feel misunderstood in the core of my being. I always have to explain myself. Even my body language and face mimic is often misinterpreted by others. For example, when I feel sad, people ask me why I look so angry. I always feel like an outsider. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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