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Social Psychology and its main characteristics - Research Paper Example

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This research is being carried out to evaluate and present the issue of social psychology. There are four main characteristics of social psychology, and they include symbolic interactions, social exchange, expectation states, personality and social structure discussed in the study…
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Social Psychology and its main characteristics
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Download file to see previous pages This essay analyzes social psychology that refers to the scientific research of how people’s feelings, thoughts and conducts are influenced by imagined, actual or implied the existence of others. The statement that others might be implied or imagined suggests that humans are vulnerable to social influence even whenever no other person is present like when watching TV, or following personalized cultural norms. Social psychology experts normally explain human conducts as an impact of the interface of psychological states and instant social situations. In Kurt’s theoretical formula, conduct can be explained as a role of the person in the surrounding. Social psychology experts have a liking for lab based experimental findings. Social psychology concepts tend to be focused and specific instead of being global and general. Social psychology is an inter-disciplinary realm that bridges the space between sociology and psychology. With time, however, the two fields have become extensively isolated and specialized from one another, with sociologists concentrating on macro variables like social structures to a much bigger extent. On the other hand, sociological theories to social psychology continue to be an essential matching part to the psychological study in this area. In addition to the division between sociology and psychology, there has been a fairly less pronounced diversity in emphasis between European and American psychologists. As a wider generalization, American experts commonly have concentrated more on the individual, while Europeans have concentrated more on the group level observable fact....
Additionally, social psychology uses social exchange approach to stress the notion that social actions are the impact of individual choices made to increase benefits and reduce costs. The main component of this element is the supposition of the contrast level of choices, which is not the performer’s logic of the utmost possible choice (Hogg & Vaughan, 2002). The other characteristic of social psychology, which is expectation states and it, explains that people make use of available information to them to form presentation expectations for other performers. Differences in prestige and power are linked with status features, so long as perceived structural benefit over other with more restricted access to resources. This characteristic has been used to depict the endorsement of gender disparity. Lastly, there is social personality and structure, which deals with relations between individual conducts, and social systems, and mental states together with values, attitudes, feelings, and mental faculties (Branscombe & Spears, 2001). Present social psychology has depicted that the elements governing human conduct are hugely situational instead of character logical. Situationism refers to a theory to individuality that says that people are more influenced by outside, situational traits than be internal motivations or traits. It thus, challenges the placement of character theorists; empirical proof upon which situationists support their claims that take the mode of cross-situational quantifications of traits like extraversion, in which low correlations of similar character taken in various situation have been discovered. However, in reaction to such proof, some experts have pointed out that the associations, while low, are normally still high to the extent of reaching ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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