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Enframing as Developed by Martin Heidegger - Essay Example

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This essay highlights the concept of enframing as discussed by Martin Heidegger. Enframing refers to the collection of data, and how that information challenge individuals to disclose the real meaning, this method possesses a destining personality of assembling and standing reserves…
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Enframing as Developed by Martin Heidegger
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"Enframing as Developed by Martin Heidegger"

Download file to see previous pages Heidegger refers to enframing as the process of ordering individuals to comprehend the World as storage of resources that should be put into use. In enframing, manipulation of resources affects both human beings and the universe, thus leading to disclosure of human being and nature as a standing reserve. However, modern technologies respond to enframing by acting as the consequences because they reveal things as existent reserves (Decker 2010, 167) As a means of explaining the effects of modern technology, Heidegger uses the term Enframing to refer to how humans have applied modern technology to reschedule and connect with the World. The manner in which technology exposes and handles different matters is problematic thus leading to challenges in revealing information, which results to standing reserve in nature. Therefore, modern technologies affect enframing and it reveals the existing natural resources by converting everything into standing reserves. Currently, contemporary technology has widely spread thus affecting man’s thinking; imaging and questioning legitimated by scientific and technological successes (Kaplan 2000, p.2). Heidegger asserts that technology will never allow man to overwhelm it; instead, it uses man to restore the surmounting essence of technology. For a good relationship to occur between man and technology, man must first accept the essence of technology At the completion of the current World, the earth’s remains will consist of parts synthetic balls, wires, glasses and steel of different metals due to problems created by enframing. In Heidegger’s discussion on enframing, he insisted that man puts a lot of...
This essay discusses the study conducted by Martin Heidegger, who is a philosopher from Germany invented the existential phenomenology; thus, being the most innovative Philosopher of 20th century. Among his piece of work, include the essays on “Introduction to Metaphysics” and “The Question concerning Technology”.” In Heidegger’s essay about “The Question concerning Technology”, he tries to explain how technology relates to information by giving clear definition information. Here, Heidegger is much interested in how an individual survives amidst the increasing and changing technology. Comparing the rate at which both technology and man changes, Heidegger concludes that contemporary technology is transforming the natural situation as it creates a human World. It is imperative for every individual to note that enframing predetermines him or her to enframe. On contrary, individuals act to have conclusive task of scheming the World, which results to creation of many standing reserves. Nevertheless, when these standing reserves turn out to affect man negatively, afterwards he/she becomes interested in protecting them without understanding enframing to be a revealing method. This affects the revelation capacity of an individual making all objects to appear as standing reserves thus losing the essence in humans because they come in form of revelation. In addition, when an individual loses the essence of revelation, he/she now gets exposure of different challenges thus resulting to standing reserves in life. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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