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Suicide - Term Paper Example

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This research is being carried out to evaluate and present suicide as a social issue that has taken over the world. Even though in many cases it does have it pros, it also has its cons, which have further been discussed under the purview of this paper. …
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Download file to see previous pages... This paper focuses upon suicide as a form of committing one’s own death because of a particular reason; most people commit suicide because they are tired of living, have nothing else left to discover about themselves, or in most cases, due to peer pressure at either home or outside. Suicide has become a very rampant phenomenon since times immemorial; even in history, there have been hundreds of cases of the same. However, today, suicide is punishable by law because even though one may be taking his own life, that is not permitted due to the reason that the body is a creation of the Earth and it cannot be killed without a reason. The reasons for committing suicide over the years have been varying from place to place and situation to situation. Many philosophers and thinkers have written books and essays regarding why they feel people commit suicide. One such philosopher and sociologist, Emile Durkheim, has in fact written about why the suicide rates vary from place to place and not the causes of people committing suicide in the first place. People commit suicide for various reasons; some may not be happy with the life that they are leading; some people might go into heavy monetary debts and not find a way to repay the people they borrowed from, some people just might not be able to find the meaning of life and get tired of living monotonously. However, these reasons can still be fought and life can still be lived. Death is only another chapter in the life of a human being because no one knows what comes after, (maybe something more sinister, who knows.) Most writers suggest that those who commit suicide are cowards; in this case, it is true. One cannot simply kill himself and leave his family and friends behind. Individuals need to think on a bigger picture and look at the people that are dependent on them – one may have a wife and children to provide for, or parents to give back to, and thus committing suicide for no reason at all is a foolish act because it will not be the end of all the problems. The financial issues will still persist, the hatred and cynical behaviour will also remain after the person is gone and someone else will have to take up the liability of finishing what he left behind. It is wrong for any individual to kill himself and leave his dirty laundry for someone else to do. In the yesteryears, committing suicide was for much bigger reasons; most individuals committed suicide because they were extremely oppressed by the rule that persisted in their lands before, many even committed suicides because of the heavy debts they would go into because of sharecropping and farming, with respect to their landlords. Taxes and rents were so high at that time that the poor people would find it extremely difficult to get out of those situations and would thus end up killing themselves to free themselves of all that bondage and labour work. Most philosophers and thinkers associate suicide with a psychological activity of the mind; they say that people commit suicide not because of anything from the outside, but because they do not have the will to live anymore. When this determination fails them, they begin to get depressed and make themselves feel lonely. Thus, it is all in the mind. Emile Durkheim, a sociologist who wrote an essay regarding social suicidal rates and why they varied across different groups of people and communities, went through the public suicide reports of UK, Austria, Prussia, Germany and France. In his essay, which was published in the year 1897, he wrote about the discrepancy in suicidal rates and said that the same was caused because of external factors in an individual’s environment rather than in his own mind. According to Durkheim, people are pressured by society in terms of marriage, family, religion, education etc, and all these factors lead ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Assisted Suicide
It is evident from the study that assisted suicide is an issue of controversy on legal and ethical grounds. Some people think that it should not be legalized since the matter of life and death is in the hands of God; while, others think that it is a wise option when the patient has no chances to get better and is showing intolerable pain.
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Assisted Suicide
Those who favor assisted suicide claim that health care practitioners force painful death on those patients who do not wish to experience it. The question that supports the very foundation of assisted suicide is that how professionals of health care should should react if their patients are suffering from a disease that cannot be cured and if they want to take the easy route of assisted suicide?
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Observing Mass Suicide and Religion
Despite urging several groups to make good on promises to commit suicide so that they could be observed, they were surprisingly resistant. Mass suicide for the benefit of religious fervor is something that is both deeply personal and done publically. Field study on events that are both unpredictable from an exterior perspective and private from at the moment of the event is impossible, but observing those who are caught up in cult ecstasy can be used to understand how the emotional component of group membership often lead to what would seem to be unreasonable decisions.
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Durkheim Social Theory of Suicide as Applied to Assisted Suicide
Deprived integration leads to amplified suicides of the "egoistic" kind. That is, excessive integration increases suicide amounts due to more "altruistic" suicides. The "Anomic" suicides remain caused by sudden fluctuations in the social situation of the individual mainly because of economic disturbances.
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Death by Suicide
In this case, “suicide survivors” concern people that have lost their loved ones leaving them with grief and struggle (Norlander, 2001). Apparently, the process of grieving is constantly difficult, through the loss caused by suicide it has proved to be unique due to its complexity and traumatic experience involved.
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In general, it has been found that bereavement by suicide tends to be prolonged, and that feelings of shock, self-blame, guilt and social isolation may exist. These facets of suicide bereavement are thought to be due to the thematic content of the grief, the socio-cultural context that the survivor is a part of, as well as the negative impact that suicide has on the functioning of a family/social group itself (Jordan, 2001).
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The rate of male youth suicide has been high since 1998 and that is when the media began emphasising it and bringing it to public attention. Suicide had become the most common cause of deaths for young males from 15 to 34 years of age.
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