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Brief History of Transnational and Make History Poverty - Research Paper Example

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The paper operates mainly based on research questions which can be stated as follows: How and why Make Poverty History (MPH) is successful in countries? Was it successful in achieving its goals of addressing inequalities and/or fostering human development?…
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Brief History of Transnational and Make History Poverty
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Extract of sample "Brief History of Transnational and Make History Poverty"

Download file to see previous pages The research tells that transnational movements are the movements in which the members, organizations or course of actions transcend across more than just one nation. The idea of transnational movement is to tackle social problems across the globe. The emergence of these kinds of movements can be linked to the emergence of a globalized community due to the advancement in information and communication technologies. These movements mainly tackle problems related to social inequalities, women’s right, human rights issues, crime, global justice, poverty and even the indigenous peoples’ movement. One of the transnational movements, which have recently addressed the problem across international platform, is Make Poverty History (MPH). Make poverty History (MPH) is a transnational movement as it exists in a number of countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Finland, Norway, Romania, Denmark, the United Arab Emirates, Great Britain, Canada and Ireland. This is an anti-poverty movement and concentrates on making the world a poverty free place by providing aid to poor people. The campaign is normally an alliance of aid and growth agencies which work together to increase consciousness of global poverty and attain policy alteration by the government. Although the various campaigns method focuses on various different types of issues according to the situation in their country, they normally focus on issues regarding 8th Millennium Growth Goal for example justice, aid and trade. “Make Poverty History movement for more aid, debt relief and trade justice, how ordinary people inspired by hope and a sense of what they can achieve, do get politicians and world leaders to act” (Spanner 45). In additions development agencies are also working, to raise awareness of global poverty. 2. Tentative Thesis Statement: Poverty and the problems related to it such as unemployment, social inequalities, poor infrastructure as well as the lack of basic necessities in today’s world are a real. It has also been a long part of the global problem. Throughout the world, poverty has been an issue of all countries. Make poverty History (MPH) is truly a transnational movement at its best as this campaign aims at ordinary people and focuses on the solution of the major issues of joblessness, poverty and income discriminations and the associated issues of unemployment, economic discrimination, poor community infrastructure and incapability to access basic requirements and services have for long been component of the international community. 3. Discussion of the Three Most Important Academic Courses in the Bibliography: According to Diane Coyle in his book called, “the soulful science: what economists really do and why it matters” says that, poverty is the one of the problems faced by the some countries. The treatment for this poverty helps to the economic growth of the country. The writer explores that, Make Poverty History is the one of the campaign method that helps to identify the various causes of poverty and various methods of overcome these problem in the country. This source is exyermely useful for to complete the essay as it gives an in-depth study about the campaigns used by Make History Poverty and how these campaigns worked to bring about social issues to the society. “The summer of 2005 was marker by a sustained campaign to “Make Poverty History” by increasing aid spending by rich governments on poor countries, and cancelling the foreign debts owned by governments of some of the world’s poorest economies” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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