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The paper discusses about the ethics which needs to be followed in the field of healthcare and discusses about a case in which a dilemma occurs regarding the blood transfusion of a child who is seriously injured after meeting with a fatal accident…
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Health care ethics and cultural diversity
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Download file to see previous pages The paper discusses about the ethics which needs to be followed in the field of healthcare and discusses about a case in which a dilemma occurs regarding the blood transfusion of a child who is seriously injured after meeting with a fatal accident. The case rises up the concern of ethical dilemma under the domain of clinical ethics. The complex situation over here gives rise to the ethical paradox and analysis of the factors which give rise to the ethical dilemma has been considered. The ethical dilemma has been considered for the stakeholders in this case and their views have also been studied. The personal code of ethics for every individual concerned in this case is an important aspect as these guides the basis to their moral values and influences their decision making skills. The ethical consequences of the views are relevant as their moral sense of judgment is highlighted and their aspect of cultural difference is underlined (Lo, 2009, pp.3-5).
The ethical dilemma:
The case particularly mentions about a child who has been knocked down by a lorry on her way to school. On being admitted to the hospital, the doctors find out that the girl has suffered massive hemorrhage and her survival depends on the transfusion of blood in her body. However her parents refuse to conduct the blood transfusion process as they belong to Jehovah’s Witnesses and according to them blood transfusion is a sin as specified in the Bible. The dilemma which obviously rises in the mind is whether strict to the religious doctrine and allow the child to perish or to save the life of a five year old and forget the aspect of the religion. The dilemma has crept in the mind because of the fear of religion which the parents of the child suffered as being Jehovah’s witnesses. However the dilemma can be quite fatal as it can lead to the death of the five year old child. The ethical dilemma over here involves the choice of more than one option leaving the life of a child in stake. Ethical issues associated with the dilemma: Various ethical issues may arise in perspective of the dilemma concerned regarding saving the life of a child for the sake of religion. Ethics deals with elements regarding what we should have done rather than focusing on how things are. The dilemma presented over here gives rise to normative ethics. Normative ethics involves moral beliefs which assume ethical norms as the criteria for making moral judgments. The normative ethical system undertakes the clarification of values and reasoning which provides the guideline for making the moral choices and also provides moral justification which are in alignment with specific rules and guidelines (Kagan, 1998, pp.1-3.). Another kind of ethics which can evolve in the particular case is the professional ethics. Professional ethics deals with making moral judgment considering the specific codes of conduct associated with the profession of a person. The professional ethics will also be combined with the practical ethics in this particular case (Koehn, 1994, pp.15-17). The practical ethics deal with the application of moral values in decision making process of the situation which arises in everyday life (Singer, 2011, pp.155-160). In the case of the child, who has been refused to provide with blood transfusion, the development of the following ethics among different persons will give rise to various issues. However as each ethics involves the moral value, the ethics will provide the opinion of saving the life of the child in view of the other circumstances or the factors which have given rise to the dilemma. The dilemma perceived by other people: The arousal of dilemma in the above mentioned case has different set of perception held by different people. The dilemma puts the ethical value of the doctors in question as they have their responsibility for saving the life of the patient. The doctors have high moral duty towards the patients and often the moral duties put them into conflict with greater obligation so that they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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