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Power Dynamics between Knowledge and Discourse: Intercultural conflict: use of language in sexuality and education - Essay Example

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This paper seeks to examine the power of language and how it can be used in changing the lives of people in the society. The essay is decided into sections which include introduction, literature review, analysis, recommendation and conclusion…
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Power Dynamics between Knowledge and Discourse: Intercultural conflict: use of language in sexuality and education
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Extract of sample "Power Dynamics between Knowledge and Discourse: Intercultural conflict: use of language in sexuality and education"

Download file to see previous pages example of this type of constraint and managing of knowledge in the economical and political control through the boundary of the sex education value. The power into the language changed human life in one way or the other and brought about limited the freedom of choice and damaged the control of pleasure in love-relations that has a negative impact in the physical body issue. As well as sociologist as Anthony Giddens attests in his concept of “romantic love” (1995). Giddens, in fact, reports that the appearance of the romantic love played in the society a change in the common point of view, this leaded society to feel frustration without freedom with the body behaviour and in a hidden way started to act racism thinking through people because civilians closed them-self mind and body to the opportunity to meet other and other culture point of view. Another contribution in this matter comes from sociologist Jean Francois Lyotard. Indeed, Lyotard wants to bring to knowledge the power of language (1981). Particularly his work is approached into the power in the scientific language and that almost the majority of readers are convinced if a theory is demonstrated by scientific discourse. In this sense he wants to refer how much scientific matter has a strong impact within the common vision and make alert in how scientific topic can act to validate a theory for an economical profit. Therefore, this particular work relates to that of Jean Francois Lyotard because it wants to add to the power of language by highlighting the aspects that the author outlined in addition to relating it to the present ideas on how language is a powerful tool for communication. However , this particular study aims at examining the power of language using the same and how to approach with these...
The conclusions of the research confirm that dialogic management of conflict has often been successfully activated. The double dialogic action of promoting social participation and conflict management is therefore observed as an effective form of intervention. Additionally, this is because it allows recipients both to express their positions and to examine any differences to start a dialogue to deal with these differences. It is proofed that intercultural approach allow students and perhaps adults to enhance a level of tolerance regarded with diversity and promote a healthy environment in school and civil ambient by breaking language-stereotype and inserting creative dialogue and specific sources as information. Moreover intercultural approach introduces in the life of children a valid incentive to the curiosity for diversity taking care of storytelling of others. All those aspects help children to manifest an empathy skill that is durable and remarkable to sustain humans in all the life-process. It is often debate how humans are losing the real communication each other in the life: here the valid alternative to become a sort of robot fighting against each other. If the lack of respect for other culture came from a past in which humans were scared for the diverse community as we saw for political and economical forced by the institution and also for a natural sense of defence each territory, in 2011 is compulsory open eyes and heart in a different way. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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