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White Power USA - Movie Review Example

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White Power USA, several groups are represented who feel strongly that the white race is somehow threatened, demoralized, and in a position that requires them to be more aware of the socio-economic changes going on in the country …
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White Power USA
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Download file to see previous pages It is suggested several times that now, more than ever, the simplest event or action on either side could spark a chain of events causing exponential growth of the white supremacist’s parties and conservative citizen committees, which are under the thin disguise of a more polite white power group, using more delicate wording to attract ‘whiter whites’ if such a thing is possible. One group is shown at a protest or rally using the epitaph ‘Take it Back’ referring to our Country. What is meant by ‘We Want Our Country Back?’ Who are ‘We?’ and what kind of Country does this ‘We’ want back? The Right Wing Nationalists have been increasing in numbers, preparing for battles in the future, since Obama has become President. Civil rights campaigner Leonard Zeskind feels it is a much larger political problem than it was thirty years ago and states that though the right wing supremacists groups appear to be marginal at this time, they still exploit and enflame racial divisions that run through all of American culture (
Black characters are portrayed on television as take charge successful individuals. Homosexuals are shown as sensitive and wounded victims of discrimination. Illegal immigrants are shown as hard workers chasing the ‘American Dream.’ No mention is shown or made about these demographics’ vast contribution to our economics, crime rate or overcrowding in some States, with English becoming almost a second language. White racist have become stereotyped as Anthony Laveys’, running around stockpiling guns, waiting to take over the world and cancel out other races. Who are these powerful controllers of the media that misshape and mishandle the entire content of what passes through it? Who Rules America feels that it is the Jewish population. The print publication goes on with conversations reflecting several large companies in a poor light, Disney, Viacom, and Time Warner among them. It appears through this publication that some of the ‘we’ wanting the country back is definitely those associated with or who follow the National Alliance party, who feel very strongly they are being manipulated. The publication places an ad in the back of the book inviting whites to join, further down casting the Jewish population, stating they are attempting to keep the world hypnotized. Rothenberg (124) makes a point to mention that sometimes it is not what we have been told through those around us or the media but often what we have not been told throughout our lives, beginning in the early years of childhood. Most people will say they grew up in neighborhoods with mostly the same race as themselves and racism wasn’t something to be talked about. Omitted information can have just as profound an effect as the media and news coverage of the world. Distortions and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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