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Undocumented Immigration from Mexico or a Central American country or an Asian country - Research Paper Example

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America was not ready to tighten the screws on illegal immigration till 9/11. However, it is now considering illegal immigration as a serious threat to its safety and security. Most of the states started to tighten the screws against illegal immigration. …
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Undocumented Immigration from Mexico or a Central American country or an Asian country
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Illegal immigration Immigration in general and illegal immigration in particular cause huge problems to America. Even though the contributions of the immigrant community in the past in the development of America are unforgettable, the concerns of illegal immigration have been growing in America since 9/11. These immigrant communities send a huge amount of American currency to their mother countries; as a result, American economy suffers a lot. Apart from financial problems, lots of social problems arise in America because of illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants struggle to get proper jobs and they may engage in theft and other violent antisocial activities. Moreover, many of the immigrants who migrated to America with educational purposes stay in America even after the expiry of their student visa. In short, illegal immigration is creating lot of economic and social problems in America at present. This paper analyses the types of problems brought to America by illegal immigrants and the responses of the US governments with respect to the crimes committed by illegal immigrants especially from Asian country and what should be expected to take care of the problems. According to a study conducted by Palivos &Yip (2010): Although illegal immigration is a boon to a country as a whole, there are distributional effects, whose sign is in general ambiguous. This is because all sources of income of both groups are affected and some of these changes tend to move income in opposite directions. Nevertheless, calibration exercises show that the wealth distribution is likely to become more unequal as the number of illegal immigrants increases (Palivos &Yip, p.21). ...
These people came to America on visit visa or student visa and stay there even after the expiry of their visa permit. They may get some support from their friends or relatives from Asian immigrant community in America. At the same time, employers in America make use of such illegal immigrant people for getting their jobs done at cheaper rates. It is a fact that labor cost in America is skyrocketing and many organizations struggle to compete effectively in the market because of that. In short, illegal immigrants are a blessing to the employers or organizations. However, it should be noted that these illegal immigrants may struggle to find enough money for their daily expenses from lowly paid jobs. It is impossible for them to earn a work permit legally in America. They have to engage in some kind of lowly paid part time jobs in organizations where they will be exploited by the employers. Employers will never give any additional benefits to them apart from the salary. Landscaping, construction, restaurants, hospitality, prostitution, agriculture and domestic service etc. are some of the popular employment sectors for the illegal immigrants in America. California is a state in which illegal immigration is probably occurs in the largest magnitudes. California is very close to Mexico; therefore, Mexican people can easily cross the borders. It is estimated that more than three million illegal immigrants are there in California alone. Californian authorities are not much concerned with illegal immigration because of the contributions given to Californian industries by this immigrant community. Mexicans are ready to accept any jobs in industrial units even if the salaries are extremely low. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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