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SADC - South Africa in conjunction with ASDA - Essay Example

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South African Development Community (SADC) – South Africa in conjunction with ASDA Author Institution 2nd December 2011 REPORT OUTLINE 1. Executive summary 2. Introduction 3. Experience in the South African markets i. Strategies for business friendly environment a…
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SADC - South Africa in conjunction with ASDA
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Download file to see previous pages C. Arnold (2010). How South African Companies Manage Executive Expatriate Staff in SADC Countries. Human Resource for Todays Workplace. Northgate. Europa Publications (2004). Africa South of the Sahara 2004. Europa Regional Surveys of the World 2004 Series. Routledge Publisher, 20 (3): 1338. Southern African Development Community. Consultative Conference (1997). Towards enhanced trade and investment in the Southern African Development Community (SADC): Southern African Development Community. Johannesburg, 5(2): 5-30. Europa Publications Limited (2010).The Europa world year book. Europa Publications Limited, University of Michigan. Vol 3: 3-30. GTZ, NBI (2007). Corporate social responsibility and the United Nations global compact in South Africa. A research report on CSR and the global compact in South Africa. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY South African Development Community (SADC) was formed in 1980 with an aim of orchestrating development projects to diminish economic dependence in southern Africa (SADC.CC, 1997). It was formed after the transformation of the then Southern African Development Coordination Conference (SADCC). ...
They have set strategies of investing with ASDA, a British supermarket which deals with clothing, retail food, general merchandise and toys. A harmonized system, a universal coding system, is used to reduce confusion to exporters. This is caused by uncertainties of tariff change in different countries. Elimination of custom duties creates free trade zone which ensures that the countries in SADC trade without complexity. Formation of the corporation between SADC countries and foreign countries will create a business friendly environment and hence good basis for international expansion. SADC also aims at reducing the barricades to intra regional trade and slacken the condition of local competition. In addition, it has formed National Treatment, which prevents regional, community countries from putting arduous requirements on imported goods. If the ASDA and SADC adapt this treatment, it would be possible to have international expansion. ASDA is considered very insightful and, therefore, the policies on trade have unique agreement for it (EPL, 2010). Taking a good example of ASDA whose marketing promotions are based on solely prices, it has taken over 16.5 % of the UK grocery market. Expansion of South Africa into ASDA Stores Limited will mark a good base for international trade. INTRODUCTION South African Development Community (SADC) was formed in 1980 with an aim of synchronizing development projects so as to diminish economic dependence on Southern Africa. It was formed as a coalition of 9 majority ruled states in Southern Africa called (SADCC) meaning Southern African Development Coordination Conference. It was signed to give ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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