How does illegal immigration affect Californian economics - Research Paper Example

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California is increasingly emerging as a destination for the illegal migrants and this paper discribes the rate of illegal immigration, yhe economic benefits that the illegal migrants bring forth for the country and so on. …
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How does illegal immigration affect Californian economics
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Download file to see previous pages USA has been often referred to as a global nation which readily accommodates diverse cultures and people. (Nadadur, 1037). The human resource of the nation is largely dependent on these migrants. However, it has been continuously observed that illegal migration into the country is increasing. In the year 2004, it has been estimated that there were 10.3 million illegal immigrants in the country (Hanson, 15). Illegal migration in terms of overstaying and sneaking through borders, are turning to be of increasing concern. Illegal migration occurs through three generic channels. First amongst this is entry without inspection. The second type of illegal immigrants is ones who entered the geographical boundary of US legitimately having a valid visa but overstays after the expiry of the visa (Nadadur, 1039). Students and tourists who manage to acquire a visa for a short term entry and those who don’t leave the country even after the expiry of the visa falls into this category. The third category of illegal migrants is ones who have lost their status of legitimacy and are in the process of applying for asylum or change of status (Nadadur, 1039). The data on illegal migration provided by different organizations are varied in nature. This suggests the unaccountability of illegal immigration. The graph below explains the entry of illegal migrants and the statistics on general migration. This data is according to US Census Bureau.
California is increasingly emerging as a destination for the illegal migrants. A major source country of illegal immigration to California is Mexico. It has been estimated that 90% of immigrants to California is from Mexico (CCSCE, 16). Along with the direct economical costs that are incurred by the country other costs like cultural and social costs are also incurred as a result of illegal migration. However there are also arguments that, illegal migrants contributes to the economy. One very important factor which magnifies the impact of illegal migration is its unaccountability. There are no records on how the large quantum of immigrants influences various nationally relevant issues. The benefits of policy interventions by the government meant for its citizens are received in a large scale by the illegal immigrants. Owing to the unaccountability of people living illegally in the country, quantifying this is difficult. This results in deterioration in the expected results of the policies. Resultant would be the economic costs associated with this. Taking these serious implications into account, it is very important for the Government of United States to control illegal migration. However, there are certain benefits of illegal migration which has been pointed out. Many of the policy statements of the American government emphasize on the issue of illegal immigration as of prime importance. Despite this, the statistics on migration suggests increasing trends on illegal immigration. The objective of this essay is to critically analyze the impacts of illegal migration on the economy of California. The increasing count of illegal migration can cause acute impacts on the national economy and its distribution among the citizens. It has been estimated that illegal migrants are creating costs worth billions of dollars for the tax payers (Kirkwood, 19). In other words, these much money which was to be spent on national welfare is diverted. Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), has estimated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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