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Bioethics Assignment - Essay Example

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Author Name Assignment Subject Bioethics: Assignment 2 – Option 1 Introduction This paper is an analytical essay about a recent article published in ScienceDaily from Wiley-Blackwell on 15th November, 2011. The name of the article is Should We Prepare for the End?…
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Bioethics Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages In this paper, we will explain the article and reflect on the issue raised in it, followed by a critical analysis and conclusion. Thesis Statement: In the context of bioethics, the issue of voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide is an important consideration. We must respect the capability for self-determination of the individuals, and a regulatory but compassionate ethical and legal framework is necessary to handle end-of-life decision making and related complications. Explanation of the Article The article references to a report from the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) which has been published in the journal Bioethics. According to Wiley-Blackwell, the report “claims that assisted suicide should be legally permitted for competent individuals who make a free and informed decision, while on both a personal and a national level insufficient plans and policies are made for the end of life.” The RSC is a national level organization in the country, which is constituted by distinguished scientists, artists, and scholars. Therefore, it can be regarded as a sort of a representative body of the Canadian intelligentsia. By incorporating some key comments and assertions of Professor Udo Schuklenk, an expert in Philosophy and Co-Editor of Bioethics, the article seeks to establish that Canadians are in favor of decriminalizing voluntary euthanasia. ...
ortance has been given to the Canadian societal values, international experience of regimes that allowed euthanasia (e.g., The Netherlands), and Canadian Criminal code to determine how a monitored and regulated system can be enacted so that voluntary euthanasia can be legalized and properly practiced in the country. There are several countries in the world that recognize the right of self-determination of their citizens. According to the article from Wiley-Blackwell, this right of self-determination is considered as a key factor in deciding whether voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide can be legalized. In regards of preparing for death, Canadians do not have a clear idea and according to Schuklenk as quoted by Wiley-Blackwell, “Less than a third (of the Canadian populace) have some sort of formal advance directive, fewer than half have designated a substitute decision maker or even discussed their wishes with their families, and fewer than a tenth have discussed end of life care with their physicians.” Hence, although there is a general consensus for assisted dying, people need to become more aware of the details of this practice which is not possible without national level debate and ultimately, decriminalization. Ethical Issue Raised Euthanasia or more precisely, voluntary euthanasia is a major bioethical issue. This issue remains a matter of debate among the medical professionals all over the world. Experts from the various disciplines like law, philosophy, moral science, and politics time and again get involved in the contentious and complex debate around this issue. In Canada, it is being regarded as an issue of critical importance. The “Dutch societal debate on euthanasia/assisted suicide in dementia cases” (Hertogh et al, 48) is also an example of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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