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How Can Life Coaching Help When Faced With Redundancy - Dissertation Example

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Redundancy, also sometimes referred to as being laid off, occurs when an employee has their employment at a company terminated, generally due to business reasons, such as insufficient profits or merging of departments. Commonly a group of employees are made redundant at the same time and it is rarely connected to the work ethic…
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How Can Life Coaching Help When Faced With Redundancy
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Download file to see previous pages The consequences of redundancy for the individual are more than just losing their job or career; instead it can also cause many emotional and psychological reactions. Redundancy often causes a feeling of rejection, as the employee was not good enough to be retained by the company. This feeling can be strong even if it is not legitimate, for example if the company had no choice in whether it reduced staff, and would have kept the employee if it was possible. In some cases redundancy can lead to depression for the individual, especially if the employee has difficulty finding a new job.

The employee can begin to feel that their skills and abilities are useless, and that they are undesirable both as an employee and as a person. This can also result in anger in the individual, either at themselves, at the company or at people in their lives.
Beyond the psychological, redundancy also has a large impact on the physical aspects of the employee’s life. Redundancy results in a large, unexpected change in the pattern of the individual’s day to day life, one that in many cases was not desirable.

The individual is given a notice period in many cases, or is made redundant on full or reduced pay for a certain period of time. During this time there is pressure on the individual to find a new source of income. In addition, they may face difficulties at home, either financial or emotional, with family members often blaming individuals who have been made redundant. It is often a poor economy that causes companies to need to lay off workers, and if this is the case then it can make it difficult for the employees that were made redundant to find new jobs as the employment market is poor. Even if this is not the case, the process of finding a suitable new job is often difficult and takes a significant amount of time. The individual may have been happy in their job, be looking for specific requirements in a job, or belong to a field for which there are already a large number of unemployed. All of these factors can make finding a job especially difficult. While this is happening the individual is faced with reduced or no income, a daily schedule that is very different than what they are accustomed to, and increasing stress as they attempt to find new work. Throughout this time the support of friends and family is very important to give the individual hope that they will find something, confidence that they are worth hiring, and help in finding direction and focus. However, many times family or friends are not enough. This can because they are not experienced in the area, partially blame the individual for being made redundant or are busy with their own lives. Life coaching is a form of counselling that helps an individual to make decisions during critical times in their lives. People approach life coaching for a wide variety of reasons, some feel that they are not getting enough out of life; others are concerned about unhappy relationships, unproductive jobs or whether they are making the right decisions about their future. Life coaching can be especially useful when an individual finds themselves faced with too many options, and are not sure how to evaluate them. Sometimes life coaches are approached by individuals looking to significantly change their life and increase the meaning or the positive value that they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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