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The Virtual Office Work as a Solution to Work ad Life Imbalances - Literature review Example

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This paper "The Virtual Office Work as a Solution to Work ad Life Imbalances" discusses harmony between work and personal life, a person needs to have strong supportive support which ideally consists of family members and friends as no one can accomplish the balance on his own…
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The Virtual Office Work as a Solution to Work ad Life Imbalances
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Extract of sample "The Virtual Office Work as a Solution to Work ad Life Imbalances"

Download file to see previous pages However, it should be noted that deliberate decisions are not a guarantee of control over one's life as there remains room for additional reinforcements to strike the elusive work and life balance.

Hoffman et., al states that, in the last few years, there have been some new developments regarding work and life balance, which have replaced previous policies that were family-friendly in nature. Many governments, all over the world, have embarked on providing funding to firms so that they can explore the issue of work and life imbalances and try to come up with a solution coupled with legislation (Hoffman, 2011).

A number of methods have been proposed by stakeholders in the labor industry and one of the forefront approaches that have received massive support base has been the virtual office work. Employers have begun to notice the benefits that are associated with employee work-life balance and the resultant efficiency output levels due to the adoption of this set-up. Organizations have realized that by adopting the virtual office work, the balance is struck between work and life which means that neither the employee's personal lives nor their work is adversely affected.

According to a number of surveys regarding work and life imbalances, close to two-thirds of the respondents surveyed who were professionals, stated that they had been unable to find a balance between their professional and personal lives adding that they have been forced to make hard decisions due to the absence of a balance between their personal and occupational lives. Examples of virtual worlds.

According to Hilbrecht, it has been noted that personal life and work-life are intertwined but independent and when one spends more time dealing with matters relating to his working lives such as dealing with clients and their needs, his/her personal life suffers. Converse has been found to be true too.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(The Virtual Office Work as a Solution to Work ad Life Imbalances Literature review, n.d.)
The Virtual Office Work as a Solution to Work ad Life Imbalances Literature review.
(The Virtual Office Work As a Solution to Work Ad Life Imbalances Literature Review)
The Virtual Office Work As a Solution to Work Ad Life Imbalances Literature Review.
“The Virtual Office Work As a Solution to Work Ad Life Imbalances Literature Review”.
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