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Tribulations of the Young African American Males on the Criminal Justice System - Term Paper Example

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The main objective of the following paper is to address the issue of racial discrimination against black males in the US. The writer claims that the community needs transformative teaching informing them of the importance of crusading for racial equality…
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Tribulations of the Young African American Males on the Criminal Justice System
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Extract of sample "Tribulations of the Young African American Males on the Criminal Justice System"

Download file to see previous pages Does the establish typically alienate and discriminates against the blacks? The independence of the African origin people in the US has been systematically getting a touch. The climax of the scenario was the rise of the black president into power that was thought to hamper the existent structure in place earlier (Jones et al., 58).
Historically, the economic levels of African Americans have been in question, and thus proper representation in the legal process has been a challenge (Weatherspoon& Floyd, 75). In terms of undertaking economic activities, African youths have always faced unfair wrath of the American laws. The youth has always been exposed to undesirable scenarios by the lack of decent education, health care, housing, and employment. With the need to contribute to the economic development of the US, the urge to try and keep afloat has led some of them to drug and criminal activities. The economic status of black Americans was ignored. In fact, statistics confirm that African Americans are possibly likely to be victimized on crime as compared to other groups of people (Jones et al., 53).
The scenario further lessens the hopes for the African American youth and the community at large hence resulting in a great loss in economic prospects. In the process, a huge chunk of economically active people is neglected. The dramatic levels at which African American male people have come on the form of criminal justice regulation and the entailed supervision has created a multifaceted set of consequences and repercussions on the entire society. The tragedies undergone by the African American males do not only affect them but also extends to their families. Consequently, there exist critical projections in the future if the model and policy trend is to continue. Activities in most American courts reveals a sea of black and brown faces piled up in the defense tables or even being transported from court to another. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Tribulations of the Young African American Males on the Criminal Term Paper.
(Tribulations of the Young African American Males on the Criminal Term Paper)
Tribulations of the Young African American Males on the Criminal Term Paper.
“Tribulations of the Young African American Males on the Criminal Term Paper”.
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