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Main Stream Rap causes social problems in minority communities - Essay Example

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The combustible younger generation, especially of the African American society, has been caught in the quagmire of mainstream rap and their moral and ethical standards have gone haywire. Rap is the current expression of resentment against the historical injustice committed…
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Main Stream Rap causes social problems in minority communities
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Download file to see previous pages Have the lessons of the historical struggles of the African Americans to tide over slavery and gain civil rights gone in vain as the current trends in hip-hop are out to promote drugs, sex, violence, disrespect to authority and crimes?
The overall opinion is against the mainstream rap and it is making the African American youth directionless and destination-less, and instead of mitigating, it adds to their woes. I have tried to argue in this paper that in the initial stages, the protest of the African Americans was vocal that in due course evolved into a political struggle. Simultaneously they also protested through literature and religious platforms. The whites continued to dominate the African American community and were not willing to give any concession to them, until slavery was legally abolished. The problems of the African Americans did not end there. Issues like poverty, lack of education, integration with the mainstream society, fight against segregation, employment opportunities continued to confront them. In this paper I have made an attempt to make a passing reference to all such issues. Measures needed for reformation and rehabilitation of the African American youth have also been discussed. Another important problem confronting the African American society is the issue of single mother households. Even with the legal abolition of slavery, racism still casts its evil influences overtly and covertly and creates hurdles in the path of progress for the African American youth. Undoubtedly, mainstream rap is the enemy of the youth viewed from many angles. It promotes unhealthy social values, though music itself cannot be singled out for spreading bad values. It holds the mirror of present societal values and presents what is going on in the American scene. Objectification, lewd music, immodest lyrics have become the characteristics of mainstream rap. It also encourages violence. Through ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Main Stream Rap causes social problems in minority communities

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