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Cultural Construction of Women as Subjects - Coursework Example

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The paper "Cultural Construction of Women as Subjects" highlights that different influences like the commercialization and influences of media have been affecting the lifestyle of the people as well. Women being socially secluded class are majorly influenced through media…
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Cultural Construction of Women as Subjects
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Extract of sample "Cultural Construction of Women as Subjects"

Download file to see previous pages The tendency of shopping has been hugely affecting the mental status of women who have been longing for developing their social status. Correspondingly, women, in order to develop their social recognition and status, have taken up shopping as a mode. This has further paved ways for the development of certain disorders. One such imbalance that is highly debatable in the present era is “shopping disorders” in women. The shopping disorder is clinically identified as a spending tendency or “shopaholism”. Many psychotherapists are of the opinion that the cultural consideration of women as a subject has further affected their development and identity (Minsky, 2000). This lack of social recognition in comparison to the male counterparts of the society has, in turn, influenced the tendency of compulsive buying among women. With this regard, the essay explains the cultural construction of women as subjects and the influence of the same on the “shopping disorders” among women.
The change in the societal set up has largely affected the consumption pattern of the society. There has been a huge shift in the approaches to determining the consumption pattern of a consumer. The need for consumption has also shifted from its initial phase. In the primitive era, shopping has been a need whereas through the shift in the social setting shopping today has become a pleasure. Minsky (2000) claims that today consumers buy products to develop their social status and to get recognition in the society. Consumption has been both a physical as well as a psychological need that is predominant within the consumption trend of the society. Conversely, social status is directly linked with consumption pattern in the new era, which made compulsive buying a trend. This aspect is backed by the development of different global marketing trends that have, in turn, influenced the concept of ‘marketing for desire’.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(What might women's shopping disorders(shoplifting and compulsive Coursework, n.d.)
What might women's shopping disorders(shoplifting and compulsive Coursework.
(What Might women'S Shopping disorders(shoplifting and Compulsive Coursework)
What Might women'S Shopping disorders(shoplifting and Compulsive Coursework.
“What Might women'S Shopping disorders(shoplifting and Compulsive Coursework”.
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