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Global Issues in Youth and Community Development - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The paper contains the annotated bibliography of the sources about global issues in youth and community development such as "Learning Outside the Lines: Six Innovative Programs That Reach Youth" and "UK Youth: Positive about Youth", and "Training to support young people and mental health" …
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Global Issues in Youth and Community Development
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Extract of sample "Global Issues in Youth and Community Development"

Download file to see previous pages A small high school in Chicago, Illinois, focuses on good teaching, student choice, small-group instruction, interdisciplinary instruction, and high expectations of students. An Arkansas project uses civil rights strategies and exposure to the culture of their communities to encourage Black secondary students to take algebra, long considered a gatekeeper course to advanced placement courses and college admittance. A 7-week summer program in Boston teaches secondary school students how to create a sustainable metropolitan food system; bridge communities divided by race, class, and physical distance; and address critical environmental and social issues. A Providence, Rhode Island, the high school focuses on workplace internships and independent projects tailored to students interests. Small classes, detailed multidimensional examination of fewer topics, and real-world projects and internships boost student’s faith in themselves, altering attitudes and work habits.
The recent horrific incidents of gun violence in Aurora, Colorado and the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin have sparked bursts of (online) debate about the future of guns in the U.S. While some continue to hold on strongly to their 2nd amendment right, others would rather see an end to the era of easily accessible arms markets. In light of all this, we thought it would be appropriate to bring you 6 projects that imagine alternative futures for these controversial weapons. Each of these projects, located throughout the world, re-purposes guns to create non-violent objects and expressions of peace.
Since 1995, The Christian Council of Mozambique has managed a program that offers tools (such as bicycles, sewing machines, and hoes) to those who bring in their weapons — relics of the country’s former 16-year civil war — for exchange.   ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Global Issues in Youth and Community Development Annotated Bibliography - 1.
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