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Effective Ways to Prevent Animal Abuse - Term Paper Example

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The 'Effective Ways to Prevent Animal Abuse' argues that it is imperative for children to be taught to be against animal abuse from the time that they are very young so that they grow up knowing that the abuse of animals is wrong. They should be taught that animals, as living beings, also have feelings…
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Effective Ways to Prevent Animal Abuse
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Extract of sample "Effective Ways to Prevent Animal Abuse"

Download file to see previous pages Hence, it is important to ensure that diverse means of protecting animals from abuse is done so that not only their rights are recognized, but also for ensuring the absolute end of such abuse.

Among the most important things that can be done to ensure that animal abuse if prevented is for individuals to know who to contact when instances of such abuse are detected. For instance, in several states in the United States, there have developed instances where there are agents whose main duty is to ensure that humane laws are enforced. It is these agents who have to be contacted whenever an individual suspects or witnesses instances of animal cruelty so that these cases can be investigated and the perpetrators brought to justice (Beirne, 2011). In addition, it is imperative that all individuals in the society learn that all animals have rights and if their locality does not have Humane Law enforcement agents, then it is their duty to ensure that they report instances of animal abuse to the police. Once this is done, it would be much easier for there to be the prevention of animal cruelty because the involvement of law enforcement would act as a deterrent against those individuals who would normally abuse their animals.

Additionally, for those individuals who live in a neighborhood, they should ensure that they look out for the animals that live in the said neighborhood. In the circumstances when individuals are made aware of the animals that their neighbors keep, there will be an assurance that they will appreciate and be responsible for the physical health of these animals. As a result, for example, an individual will be able to notice the way an animal behaves; whether it is healthy or whether it has lost any weight. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Effective Ways to Prevent Animal Abuse Term Paper - 1.
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