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Salary Caps and Competitive Balance in Professional Rugby - Assignment Example

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The essay “Salary Caps and Competitive Balance in Professional Rugby” examines the well-being of the players and their employment conditions together with the central control by the Rugby unions. Unlike other industries, professional sporting heavily depends on the high degree of competition…
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Salary Caps and Competitive Balance in Professional Rugby
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Extract of sample "Salary Caps and Competitive Balance in Professional Rugby"

Download file to see previous pages The uncertainty of the outcome of the matches appeals to spectators since they prefer the close game and tight competitions to predictable matches (Andreff and Szymanski 2005).
 Survival of sporting competition can only be secured through controlling the employment contracts of the players by imposing fixed employment contracts and salary caps. Dabscheck asserts without controls of employment contracts the rich teams would secure the star players thus destroying the sport by dominating the leagues (Dawson and Downward 2002). Rugby fraternity has never had a chance to share their thoughts and discuss rugby matters of mutual trust. With the increased exposure to advertising channels and professional approach to the game, rugby has surely become a global business (Dawson and Downward 2002).
 Rugby revenues have kept soaring with the international team’s performances improving due to conditioning and technical expertise of the game. Professional rugby is now on positive profile and threatens to overcome all other world sporting events including football and athletics as the most watched game in the world. On an interesting note, many people are currently volunteering as either salaried or non-salaried staff in coaching, refereeing, and administration of rugby. A considerable number of rugby unions all over the world have joined IRB, therefore IRB regulations have shaped the direction of the game. IRB influence has overcome any other sports governing body and the number of professional players is on the increase (Dawson and Downward 2002).
 Rugby is a commercial sports business and the growth in participation and quality of the games will elicit more interest in fans participation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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