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Search for the Spirit by Laennec Hurbon - Book Report/Review Example

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The paper “Search for the Spirit by Laennec Hurbon” provides an informative and accurate overview of the history and development of voodoo. It contains an introduction to the religion, seven chapters outlining various aspects of voodoo, and many photographs…
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Search for the Spirit by Laennec Hurbon
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Extract of sample "Search for the Spirit by Laennec Hurbon"

Download file to see previous pages The perception of voodoo is very much influenced by the portrayal of the practices, rituals, and behavior of people who follow voodoo in western media. The first things that come to mind are dark spells, voodoo dolls, and zombies. The intention of this writer was certainly to dispel some of the myths which exist about voodoo, by providing information.
While this is perhaps not a highly academically sourced book, it does appeal to a wide and general audience. It seems that its intention is to demystify this religious system and work against the generally negative perception of voodoo from non-adherents. The opposition to this religion has received from especially the Christian world is significant. Yet it has survived direct attempts from the Roman Catholic Church, the rulers of Haiti, its primary country of origin, and from more recent attacks by Protestant Christianity.
It is clearly an adaptable and strong system of belief, which many people are reliant on and reluctant to give up. Its history, as recounted by Laennec Hurbon is one of resilience and adaptability. Certainly, today, there are writers, thinkers, and activists who equally work toward the acceptance and international respectability which they suggest this religion deserves, in the same way as the major world religions are treated with respect and without suspicion by the public at large.
As an introduction, voodoo is explained as having originated in Africa and having come to America with the slaves from Central and West Africa.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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